YOUR Lucid Dream Journey

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YOUR Lucid Dream Journey

Postby isabelb50 » 04 Dec 2017 04:58

Hi everyone,
I've been trying to get a handle on lucid dreaming on and off for 8 years with little success. At this point, I'm very frustrated :evil: , so I'd like to know how others got started. What was your journey? What techniques did you use? How long did it take you to get a handle on it? What were your challenges? What were your successes? I'm particularly interested in the stories of those of us for whom lucid dreaming doesn't come naturally, but all answers are welcome.

Here's some of my experience:
The main 3 techniques that I've focused on are reality checks, meditation, and dream journaling. I've tried MILD and WILD with little success.
My biggest challenges are when to do reality checks and the great paradox of whenever I give up on my lucid dream practices, I have a lucid dream.
Timing reality checks is hard because I spend at least half my time at work, and I don't want to do reality checks because I'm focused on my classes (I'm a swim teacher). And, I've tried doing a reality check every time I walk through a door or something similar, but then it makes me not want to walk through doors. Or I'll go back and forth from room to room five times in a row, and it would be a ridiculous pain in the butt to do a reality check EVERY time.
Some successes include my first breakthrough where I couldn't sleep for 2 hours in the early morning, and when I finally fell asleep, I had an AMAZING lucidish dream.
My plan is to spend a month or two laying down the foundation (RCs, meditation, and dream journaling) while using Claridream Pro. After that, I'll try out different techniques week by week and see which gives me the most success.

Thanks in advance for your responses!

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Re: YOUR Lucid Dream Journey

Postby tacocatburp » 09 Dec 2017 08:25

Dream journal and meditation helped me the most. My lucid dreams and astral experiences initially were side effects of OBE's in the physical world.

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Re: YOUR Lucid Dream Journey

Postby agent25 » 18 Dec 2017 20:32

You should really try getting a hand of a handful of techniques. I recommend CAT and WBTB. You do enhance your chanches of lucidity by meditation,RCs and dream journaling,but these simply just aren't enough,however they are the foundaditon.
So,yea try and experiment with bounch of techniques(and at techniques such as WBTB make sure to experiment with something like sleep time/wake time etc.) and find out which one works the best for you. And for RCs,make sure you are doing them mindfully.
If you want to stick to the basics or not,ADA is a great practice,which (when performed correctly) significantly improves chanches of lucidity.
Also make sure you become more of a critical thinker on every aspect of your life and it will incorperate in your dreams(don't forget,you get mistaken every night by thinking that your dreaming world is reality-so yea,be sceptic).
And for Claridream Pro-it helps,but it can't do magic.
Most importantly-watch all the video from Daniel Love aka The Lucid Guide.
Don't listen to some Buddha type lucid dreamers,such as youtubers that link LD with spiritiuality,tell you that you can dream in 5minutes etc.
(You can in 30 secs using FILD,that's whole story)

So GL,underneath is just my LD journey so far ;)

I began LDing about a year ago and been doing it for on/off since then. It's ashame,because when I decide to work hard I get the wanted result,but don't wanna push it more,so I go back to 1 LD per week or two (up to a month). In last year I got about 30-40 LDs,maintly when I worked hard. Most of them are decent in length,because I don't wake up cause of excitement,vivid and stable-techniques used for that. Control is sometimes a bit weak but I do what Daniel named "The Leap of Faith",usually I jump from mountain or high building,so I fix control problems (watch his video). Awarness is sometimes left behind,because I am lazy....I got first LD using techniques in about a week,but I can remember having some as a child,not knowing what LD even is and I must say,they weren't that bad in quality actually...So that's all for tonight,I guess.

Good luck and lucid dreams! :D :D :D

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