34y old. Lucid since 11y old

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34y old. Lucid since 11y old

Postby Hrathgrath » 19 Dec 2017 14:52

Hey, I’m new to this message board. I’ve been lucid dreaming since I was 11. Over time I’ve gotten more and more control, to the point that I can control my dreams without realizing I’m dreaming. What I mean is I’ve been doing it for so long that while I’m dreaming around 50% of the time I control my dream without having that “Ah ha!” Moment of lucid dreaming.
My first lucid dream.

I was 11 or twelve and in my dream I was walking around with Hulk Hogan while he was dressed like his character from the movie suburban commando, we had just saved some people or killed he bad guy, can’t remember, and we walked out of the complex, which was where my house was at the time, and I was in the front yard, Something just clicked and I was like “wait a minute is this a dream?” I had heard before that you can’t feel pain in a dream so I pinched myself as hard as I could, with my nails and everything, and it didn’t hurt and all I could feel was pressure. At that point I got super excited and of course saw the first girl and immediately tried to have sex with her. And I started but it was weird, as in not feeling (I would later realize that feeling wetness in dreams is also not felt, at least in my experience) and I woke up almost immediately. After that I had my awake dreams, as I called them at the time, maybe twice a week. Almost every time without fail my first objective was to have sex with any woman I saw, I was a kid starting puberty for crying out loud!, but like I said before without feeling wetness and also since I’d never had sex before my mind had nothing to draw from for how it should feel or pretty much anything involving sex other than naked and hole in a girl. I even tried to bang our school counselor and she was gross.. like massive ass-had to turn sideways to walk through a door-gross. Almost every time I woke up within minutes. I felt like the point I realized I was dreaming I must have been almost awake anyway. It wasn’t until years later that I figured out how to control anything. But if you’re curious I’ll tell you when and how I did! :D

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