First success!

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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First success!

Postby Yume_13 » 20 Dec 2017 06:55

I hope this is the right thread to post this here buuut I HAD MY FIRST LUCID DREAM !! It was short, but I still want to share it because also some questions came up....

Actually, something really shocking happened in my waking life and I told myself over and over I want to speak to one of my idols and ask him questions (I didnt really think I would be lucid or anything).
But then, I was in my room and tried to turn on the light, but it didnt work. I turned it on and off for muultiple times. I was really excited, but not overreacting and I told myself "I need to find out if this is really a lucid dream" and I looked at my hands and appearance but it was all normal. Then I jumped wondering if I would float down, and so I did!

Next thing I did was trying what I could do and here is also a question:
In the last book I read it talked about creating things out of thin air, moving things or characters etc just with will power. I thought this would only be possible for advanced lucid dreamers?

For example....when my family was there (our relation is not the best) and I didnt want to see them, I made the time pass faster like in a movie when you jump to the next scene. I saw them speed up and leaving my room.
Then I charged my phone and when I plugged it, I saw a line that showed the battery level of my phone and I literally just pulled it up on the image infront of me....or I looked to the other side of the room to my window and though I was far apart, I just pulled back with my arm and opened it, without touching anything.
The last thing I remember before drifting off was that I called my cat and when he came I could "teleport" him on short distances and we even talked (how weird is that). I think we wanted to go out so I sat down to make some weird coats for us out of fur? Like his cat fur maybe?....I was running out and just moved my hands in cyclic motions and could create new fur balls!

That ws it so far with my dream...I was just so surprised that it happened and I really wish and I dream to talk to my idol for answering some of my questions

Would love to hear your thoughts on it !

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Re: First success!

Postby starsinthesky » 24 Dec 2017 11:44

hello Yume_13!

Wow! Great! I am really happy for you, because i am also wanting to have my first real lucid dream. I recently had a beginning of a lucid dream. It was only a first littlle scene. But i was so excited, that the dream ended before it actually took place.

Yours was a longer one! I like the part with the fur of the cat!
I believe that you witnessed yourself in the astral realm. And that all of the scenes you describe have actually taken place. Great! What a success!

The astral realm responds very immediate to our thoughts. And as soon you are thinking about something it will appear.

I have a question.
When i dreamed i was in my kitchen holding something in my hands. I realized that i was dreaming. But like i said, i became so excited, that the dream ended very fast. But i have a question about how it ended. All the images shrunk before my eyes. In the end they were as small as a pinhead. This happened extremely fast. Did you experience something like this too?

I know it sounds like a silly detail. But i would like to know where this comes from.

Sorry, if my englisch is not the best. I am from germany. I am doing my best, to explain myself in this language.

best wishes starsinthesky

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