My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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Chapter 63

Destruction of previous individual realizations

286) 24th December, 1977. Thursday. Place : Makardah. Early morning dream: One unknown boy came to me with a message that Jibankrishna said that all the previous realizations of the seer were null and void. The dream then went off.

[After waking up, I began to think, was there any fault in me? Why did it happen like that? But I did not have any feeling of sorrow or disappointment. I went on thinking, probably it may be due to certain good reasons as I neither wanted these realizations nor had any affinity for these, so it was God’s wish that He made these null and void.
After long years I realized that these individual austerity is of no use as Jibankrishna also said. He also made his own individual austerity null and void as universalism is the truth. So I realized that as new phase would come so these old realizations would not be necessary and that’s why these were made null and void.]

Destruction of animal passion and self-egoism

287) 5th January, 1978, Monday.
Early morning dream: I saw a house just like a church. At the top a flock of goats were tied in a room. Someone was saying, ‘Every day a goat is slashed. This is a country where goats are slashed. After this nothing was remembered.

[After waking up, I could remember one saying of Jibankrishna, ‘Whatever comes up in individual austerity, all those are animal expressions. Do you know why? Under any circumstances egoism cannot be annihilated except the mind annihilation’.
Here is the indication that animal passion as symbolized by goats is going to be annihilated followed by annihilation of egoism which persists even in individual austerity but is completely wiped out in mass austerity Then and there it flashes in the mind of the seer— Oh! That’s why all the previous individual realizations were being spoiled as said by Jibankrishna in the seer’s dream as because new mass austerity will occur in the body of the seer!]

Visualization of Vulture-like birds

288) 6th January, 1978, Tuesday.
Early morning dream: A high rising building was visualized with birds similar to vultures on the roof-top. But their bodies were glossy and smooth unlike vultures. I was observing them from a down floor room. One of the birds suddenly was coming towards my room and I was going to close the door, but it entered into the room and with a thrush by the bird suddenly I was awakened.

[After this dream the seer began to have animal dreams every day . The meaning remained unknown.]

Initiation of mass austerity

289) 12th January, 1978, Friday.
In reality my mother used to read loudly ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (the Bengali book written by Jibankrishna based on his realizations) every day early morning in my presence while sleeping. To-day also she was reading the 1st part of the book while I was half-awakened. Within a short time I fell asleep and in dream I was hearing my mother reading the book with a supernatural voice echoing everywhere. Then she finished the book and uttered ‘Shanti’, Shanti’, ‘Shanti’(‘Peace, peace, peace’) and it appeared to me as if she finished the 3rd part of the book (based on universalism) and touched the book on her head.
Just at the moment I woke up and surprisingly noticed that my mother finished the 1st part of the book . But still the words ‘Peace, Peace, Peace’ were echoing in my ears.

[At the moment no meaning appeared in my mind. But after a long time (9th November, 1978 ) it suddenly flashed in my mind that Mother means Adyasakti or this physical body. She was actually reading the 1st part of ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’ which deals with individualistic realizations but in dream I was hearing the 3rd part which deals with universalism. It indicates that Adyasakti will bestow her grace upon me to have universal austerity in future and there will be no need of individualistic realizations.
Long time back in 1972, Jibankrishna said to me in my dream, ‘You will write 2nd and 3rd part of ‘Dharm-O-Anubhuti’ which meant that I would have realizations of a part of individualism and also universalism in future and these would create effect on my body as ‘to write’ means the effect is realized in the body.
After this dream I am passing through a peculiar mental condition and almost everybody I am having dreams on worldly surroundings. But I remained merely as a seer without any aberration of mind. Sometimes it appears in my mind that my body should not last anymore and it is not known for how many days this condition will linger.]

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