My name Is Brock been Lucid Dreaming For 26 years

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My name Is Brock been Lucid Dreaming For 26 years

Postby JediLord 76 » 24 Dec 2017 04:45

I'am new to posting so hang with me please.In my lucid dreams my main powers is overwhelming Telekinesis.I'am able after years of perfecting it that i'am able to pick up almost anything including cars,trees,diesel trucks,people,helicopters even able to crush houses and buildings and throw them with immense speed and power,I also use it to fly up to the sky at massive speed and even land at a very high speed.Lately for the last five days I've been having about 4 to 6 lucid dreams a night which is pretty rare for me considering I usually have only about 2 to 3 a week I've also have been attacked the last five days by numerous people saying that their lucid dreamers as well which have been attacking me non stop for the last five days they have tried shooting rockets assault rifles and even using grenades which don't have any effect since I know I cant die knowing I'am in my dream.Twice in last last five days i came across something I cant really explain It was both times in room inside a building I would ghost jump into,oops ghost jumping is when i run at any type of structure and jump through a wall without busting it down to get inside.It looked almost like a jester of some type with glowing eyes and really weird music started playing with a weird pattern of colors shining of of it which caused me to feel like i was being drained and confused and took my powers away i'am wondering if anyone else has has any similar lucid dreams lately.

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