Please hear my dream issue and help tell me what you think!

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Ivy Roze
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Please hear my dream issue and help tell me what you think!

Postby Ivy Roze » 28 Dec 2017 00:01

Hi guys,

24yo female- Please don’t be mad if this is the wrong forum I’m new and I didn’t want to write on 4 different forums to cover my main point. I don’t want to lucid dream. Without offending those who love the realm, I don’t know why I was given this, I didn’t train for it. It’s terrifying, does anyone know how to make it stop?

Last night really tipped it off for me. Usually I just wander around the house and realise that I’m not awake because there are no clock hands, or the time on my phone makes no sense, or the lights don’t work,and I know it’s the middle of the night but I can see fine, this is followed by me flying around before waking up or something similar. I’ve only ever woken up once somewhere that wasn’t my home, and it made me physically ill. I already disliked this. I also get sleep paralysis which is usually just the fact that I can’t move and a man with a top hat enters the room surrounded by black shadow men, and they never say anything, they just loom over my bed, it’s just creepy, and I’ve learnt not to open my eyes. This has happened since I was a child, my mum even called the police because she thought a pervert was breaking into my room.

Last night though, I fell asleep and it got worse. It started with me waking up and there was a woman dressed in a green and purple chiffon robe with silver jingles playing some sort of drum in the corner. She had a small dog. I was trying to pinch myself, turn on the lights, and nothing was working. The whole time she was just staring at me and it was draining to attempt to leave the room. Then I heard from outside my room the French doors open where my cousin sleeps, I was hoping he would wake me, and as I was struggling for the door I could hear him put his shoes on and walk towards my door but when I opened the door he was running in a dog like fashion past the door. It scared me so I slammed the door shut and pretended I was asleep incase he came back. My dog sleeps in my room and this was when I noticed her growling sitting up staring at the corner of the room, another woman appeared but this woman was different. She was wearing the same robe as the other woman but her face was covered by it. I curled up really scared and then my whole body started shaking, not in a way I was scared but like a freight train was running underneath me. I could hear my mothers voice who has passed years prior saying “just because they seem nice doesn’t mean to trust them” I was terrified, and I told them to leave me alone and that they scared me. Suddenly I gasped and woke to my dog still staring at the corner panting in fear.

What on earth happened here? How do I make this stop? It happens everyday unless I sleep with the lights on so I’ve resorted to a night job, and I find sleeping during the day reduces it but it’s Christmas so I have two weeks to go of night sleeping.

Also I’ve tried channeling this to a positive experience, and riding with it, and it doesn’t work. I am petrified and I want this to stop.

Please help!


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Re: Please hear my dream issue and help tell me what you think!

Postby erichsa » 28 Dec 2017 19:18

you are in stage 1, sub stage 2

24/7/365 What on earth are you saying in your postings?
I at least cant make head or tail out of your messages :)

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