Lucid Draming Beginner Questions

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Lucid Draming Beginner Questions

Postby Jeremy521 » 28 Dec 2017 05:10

Hey guys I got 3 important questions lol I'm a beginner and I'm trying to get my first lucid dream
1. It's 11:30 PM I feel asleep and woke up at 1:36 am I was gonna perform WBTB but I couldn't do it because I ended falling asleep and waking up at 1:36. So I decided to do meditation for 18 mins and when I was done I performed Mild and attempted to go back to sleep. I had my eyes closed and everything but then my body became numb and I started to feel these tingly vibrations in different parts of my body. I thought I was gonna go into sleep paralysis(super scared of that) and start hallucinating so I started moving again. My question is did I unintentionally do WILD and enter almost sleep paralysis or was I about to have a lucid dream?
2. My second question is I'm struggling with WBTB every time i set my alarm to 6 hours later after I sleep, I wake up early than my alarm! What is the next thing I should do?
3. If I perform WBTB and Mild to get my first lucid dream, what are the chances of me waking up during sleep paralysis after my lucid dream?

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Re: Lucid Draming Beginner Questions

Postby LDer Charles » 02 Feb 2018 19:36

I usually wake up about 3 hours after I fell asleep and then anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours intervals after that and I don't use any alarms so what I do is I just get up and write the dreams and I kind of consider that my wake back to bed it also helps if I do some sort of stretching or even use an exercise bike that I have in my room for a few minutes before I go back to bed if I have the energy and that has had a high success rate with getting a lucid dream especially using the exercise bike for some reason of course I do it in the dark without putting the lights on and the only thing I put on lights for is to dream journal and if I set an alarm for 6 hours after I went to bed I would have been up at least three times by then and I've been attempting wake initiated lucid dreams for a few months now and I'll start to get some different sensations that feel like the LED blanket starting to come on and sometimes I'll make it but sometimes I'll move and I never made it all the way through to an actual dream beginning as far as I can tell But I think you just keep trying and eventually it happens also I'm 28 now and when I was like 16 I heard about lucid dreaming I just couldn't get it to work and it's only now that I'm 28 that I beyond that it's starting to work
Here is a link to my dream journal if you want to know what I am up to in the dream world! :)

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