Theory, for no reason.

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Theory, for no reason.

Postby _____ » 01 Jan 2018 10:55

Before you read, this may waste your time, so read only if you don't care.

So I've been looking a lot online about Lucid Dreaming and discovered many stories about the subject. One particular part caught my attention,
Being trapped in a dream. Before I say anything else I do want to say that I have no Lucid Dreaming experience (I'd love advice so plz give :3)
so what Im saying has a possible incorrect point of view. Anyways, the stories I've heard about being trapped in a Lucid Dream involved having to fight something, such as a character from a game or something such as darkness. Usually involving the terms or having to defeat it to wake up. With that information, I started to think if this is what possibly causes a coma. Also I was thinking that *Thing* you must fight is your subconscious, but anyways, maybe people had lucid dreams where they were stuck in this situation and just could not defeat the enemy for a long time. That's all. I don't know why I decided to share this but I did anyway.

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Re: Theory, for no reason.

Postby eaglehawk » 01 Jan 2018 11:05

Well the point of a lucid dream is that you control everything so unless you imagined and bealived that there monster could chase you across different dream worlds that you willed to you could simply will it away or teleport to a difffrent dream. The only way this monster could be immune to This is if you think Troy the monster is immune to your dream power.

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Re: Theory, for no reason.

Postby Markis » 29 Jan 2018 05:42

To begin, what you have proposed is a hypothesis. :)

But putting misnomers aside..

Understand first that we are never really unconscious.
We may be "unaware" but we are Always Conscious.
So the question becomes at what level are we experiencing consciousness..

Man is multidimensional in nature, a compounded being of elements that are both material and immaterial.
The "Coma" of medical science describes the prolonged state of disconnect that happens between our material and immaterial self (body and spirit).
We all naturally experience this disconnect when we sleep.
Though some of us do choose to "die" while in the dream-state, no such dream-entity exists that is capable of severing your silver chord (the tether between your body and spirit) resulting in coma or physical death.
Also, no such dream-entity exists that is capable of restraining your return to waking reality.
These are myths based on fantasy and misinterpreted experience.

Secondly, it is impossible to "fight" your subconscious.
And more than that, you have no "sub"conscious.. Waking Reality IS the subconscious.
This is the densest reality we can experience.. we only go UP from here.
To correct another misnomer, what is called subconscious is actually the next step UP in consciousness, higher in vibration, higher in energetic frequency... NOT lower.

The conflict you are referencing is psychological in nature, contained within that portion of ourselves called EGO.
From a higher perspective, our EGO is a self-given gift that acts as the catalyst for nearly all our spiritual growth and expansion.

Lastly, concerning violent dream-entities, I recently responded to a post by Donohuecraig that is in the same vein as this one
Donohuecraig wrote:I have recently taken an interest in lucid dreaming. When I was young I use to have relatively the same nightmare pretty much every night. As I got older (I'm now 24) they have got less frequent, about once or twice a month. I had the dream about 3 nights ago.
What I mean by relatively the same is the dream is always in different places, but it is always about the same thing. In the dreams there are these black hooded creatures that attack you. But I would hear like bells ringing in the dream that meant I had a minute before they came. I never had the control to change the dream or stop them from coming but after a few years i now have the control to hear the bells and start trying to wake my self up in the dream then I wake up in real life. This shows that when I hear the bells in my dream, I'm conscious that I'm in a dream. And I do have some level of control to be able to wake my self up. And these nightmares feel like I'm experiencing it as it happens, where as with normal dreams I just remember the dream after I wake up. ANY advice on where this is a low level of lucid dreaming
To which I responded:
Markis wrote:Hmmmmm....

Taking into consideration your age, and the details of how you have been progessively experiencing this dream episode, I would offer you this perspective my friend..

Let me preface this by saying that what we call Lucid Dreaming is the best tool we have available for discovering the spiritual nature of self and reality, and ALL people who take a learning interest in lucid dreamwork, are to varying degrees, on a path of self-cultivation.. meaning they are actively pursuing knowledge to expand their spiritual awareness.

Concerning your query...

Experiencing repetitive attacks from recurring negative entities is a signal that you are approaching the end of a particularly self-relevant growth cycle.

In a sense, you are being given glimpses of the upcoming final test.. the test you must pass before moving to the next stage.
Consider the attacks thus far as a series of practice tests.

All lessons ultimately revolve around learning love, both of self and others.

Understand that there are no guardians at the gate.. your own toxicity and imbalance is what keeps you from ascending and transcending.. or evolving.. whatever you like to call it.

But more specifically as it may apply to you.. I would venture to guess that the lesson you are currently teaching yourself revolves around the ideas of self respect, confidence, perhaps overcoming the fear of non-compliance/conformity, or another fear of some sort.. that's for you to determine..

The gradually increasing level of control and participation indicates that you are building to a final "showdown" of which you will eventually find yourself in the episode to be fully capable of bodily control to the same degree as if it were your physical.

At this point, the Final Test has begun, and the outcome will depend TOTALLY on your strength of spirit and will.

A good strategy:

1. Don't be afraid.

When they come, stand your ground.
Do Not Attack.
But if you are attacked.. Feel yourself become soft as smoke - as to make their limbs and bodies pass right through you (this usually generates a cool tickling sensation), and then move away from them, but don't turn away from them.

When you are at a distance, project your voice in a strong manner and ask 2 questions:
1. Who are you?
2. What do you want?

Be firm!
Project Strength and Confidence.
EXPECT a reply.

This will give them pause.

If they advance for attack again, feel yourself become as steel, rooted to the ground like a mighty oak, and one entity at a time, strike them with the intensity of Superman.

If your confidence is there, I guarantee that one or two solid strikes will stop the attack.

The purpose here is not for you to go crazy insane and obliterate these entities - they represent elements of YOU, elements (often ego-based) that have not yet been lovingly integrated into the greater you.

These types of entities know immediately when they are beaten and cannot win.

At this point, words lose their ability to accurately describe, but expect a flash of light, immediately followed by a spiritual quickening equivalent to a burst of kundalini (concentrated Qi) in the physical body.. accompanied by uplifting realizations of many sorts.

It's very rejuvenating.
You will awake in a euphoric state.

You have graduated brother!
Onward to the next!

Also, expect a change in the repetitive themes that you experience in your physical life.

I hope this helps.

Should you fail, don't worry. It will come again. And again. And again.

Happy dreaming my friend!
Remember.. You are Always in control. Even when you think you're not.

I hope this helps.

Happy Dreaming!

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