Controling dream

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Controling dream

Postby Dener123 » 06 Jan 2018 02:11

Hello .

I have been experiencing lucid very often ever since I was young.
Up until now, whenever I realize I was dreaming, Ive quickly woke up.
However, recently I have been able to control on my dreams.

Not a master yet, but I can certainly do as what I wish to do in the dream even though its something totally not possible.

Each peers might have different method, but for me whenever im dreaming or eve in reality,
I often pinch my cheeks really hard to see if it hurts or not to evaluate whether im dreaming or not.
Recetly on my dreams, as usual, Ive been pinching my cheeks really hard and it didnt hurt, and have not awaken from the sleep.
Ive realized I'm lucid dreaming and decided to do something that isnt possible in real life.

For instance, fighting against about 30 gang members equipped with weapons (knifs, guns) alone by myself with a bear hard.
Interestingly, I was able to slow the time in the dream, which I became able to see the bullets towards me in very slow motion.
Not only I was able to control the perception of time in the dream, I was able to alao run on the walls and defeat those gang by myself alone.

The concept of being able to control the dream really shocked me, but also created even more interest towards lucid dreaming.
I'm currently training myself to be more fluent on this technique.

I've also found a way to be able to not wake up when recognized Im dreaming.

Alfter realizing that I was able to control the flow of Time and gravity, I'm currently working on creating something from nothing.
I want to see the limits of freedom inside lucid dream.

Could lucid dreaming be related to us in day dreaming somehow? Creative thoughts of imagination,
Perhaps the strong perception of our minds on thinking be created on the dream?

By knowing and experiencing on how to control the dream to something that isnt possible in reality, I want to know further about this concept of dreaming.
I was not into dream psychology much, but after being able to control the dream to a certain level while not awaking up really triggers more questions about lucid dreaming.

Current progress:
- Able to not wake up after acknowledging I was dreaming.
- Able to control time and gravity. (Super-natural experience)
- Currently experimenting if creating something out of nothing would be possible or not (ex. Creating a castle or house from empty ground)

Im sure there are people who are more flexible with controling the lucid dream.
However, if you have any questions about the methods that I'm using to contol the dream, feel free to leave a comment and discuss.

Thank you!

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Re: Controling dream

Postby naturespirit » 25 Jan 2018 21:16

Great progress! :D

Often, once breakthroughs are made in dream control, interest in lucid dreaming is fuelled which leads on to more progress etc.
Creating something out of nothing is certainly possible. However, I suggest you first start off by turning around and expecting it to be there. That is a common technique. Once you move on to manifesting objects in front of yourself, it may be easier to start off with a sphere of energy. Focus on changing its properties, making it vanish and reappear etc. Upon mastering visual manipulation, it will be much easier.

I do suspect there is some sort of relation between day dreaming and lucid dreaming. In fact, the WILD technique is based on daydreaming your way into a lucid dream! Day dreams can also be used to rehearse a dream scenario as practice. I would count that sort of preparation valuable.

Continue in your voyage!

- Naturespirit
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