Did I Just Have My First Lucid Dream?

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Did I Just Have My First Lucid Dream?

Postby Rubix » 06 Jan 2018 09:16

So last night I believe I had sort of a lucid dream. I want to know if this was a lucid dream or not and how I can have more. Let me set the scene so sit back, relax, and enjoy.

That night started like any other. Got in bed after homework until maybe 11:00 and watched YouTube until 1:00 or so. Tired, I went to sleep. It was an amazing dream at first. I was in my backyard with Joel and Ellie (TLoU fan here) and we hid from something in my yard. We heard it come for us and hoppped the fence like a badass and climbed a skyscraper using the fire ladder and once at the top it came for us. Then we scaled it down in a complicated way. Imagine huge stairs but each step is extremely slim. That’s it. We jumped down and eventually found a car and that’s when my “lucid-ness” began.

We were slowly driving alone a road, bright sky, no trees, calm. When I suddenly imagined myself sleeping. I realized, “Wtf. Am I dreaming?” I then thought of lucid dreaming and the car disappeared and I sat on the side of the road and tried to not wake up, wanting to try out stuff. I imagined.... me. Just me. Nothing else. And I appeared. It was amazing. Then I remembered all these stories about cool things people did while dreaming. And I picked the most amazing thing ever. A beanbag chair. Uhhh. I still don’t know why. But then my other me (the side of the road me) laid down and it made me feel sorta calm. Then I became the new me lying down and it felt like a real beanbag chair. Then next is my favorite part. I imagined my crush lying with me. Nothing sexual, (sorry for some of you I bet) I was just trying new things. And she laid her head on my chest and I just sat there for a bit. Utter bliss. Amazing. Wish I could go back. This was last night just to clarify and I’ve thought about it all day. Then of course my amazing cat just decided to leap onto my chest, shattering the dream completely. Thanks. I just sat there for a bit and just thought, “Wow.” I want to do this again.

So yeah. That’s it. My first lucid dream? Amazing experience. Hope you enjoyed my story. If you have questions, comments, concerns please please please leave them. I want to have this again! Thank you.

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Re: Did I Just Have My First Lucid Dream?

Postby Dinoponera » 10 Jan 2018 21:35

Looks like you did it. Did you have any actual attempts before, or was this a spontaneous thing?
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