Stuck in a loop.

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Stuck in a loop.

Postby Theboym » 08 Jan 2018 09:10

Hi everyone,

Last night I had a false awakening type 2 (or so google said) and I read online this is apparently the starting of lucid dreaming?

I only seem to have these dreams when I don’t want to go to sleep. I’ll eventually fall asleep and then I will wake up numberous times in a dream in a dream. Last night I counted 12 wake ups, each one more real than the last. I have tried checking time, mirrors, stopping breathing, reading and non of it stops the dream. I just can’t get out of it, it’s like subconsciously I know it’s another dream but it still surprises me everytime and it’s just petrifying because each time I know I have woke up numberous times already. Each dream I get slightly further on than the last before waking up in my bed and starting again, but still having the memories of all the previous dreams. Once I eventually force myself wake up I just can’t move out the bed. I have to lay there for around half an hour until I have calmed down but I just have to leave the house or wake my partner up if she is in because the dream felt so real and I fear I’m still in the loop. I can’t go back to sleep due to fear of getting stuck again.

I wondered if anyone had any tips or different methods I can use to actually try to control the dream to stop it happening

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