What Is This Dream Blocker Entity?

What have you learned from your dream characters? What do they say, what do they represent, what motivates them, why do they exist?
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What Is This Dream Blocker Entity?

Postby LucidHarry » 12 Jan 2018 07:20

So Where do I begin?
I started lucid dreaming from a young age after having a recurring nightmare. After having control over the nightmare, I never had the nightmare again and from that I was an active lucid dreaming. Of course the lucid dreaming started out as a random occurrence and within them I just flew around, went to cool places and did things I've never done before. Yet after talking to my friends mum, whom is a specialist in child meditation, she gave me advice on how to gain more control over these dreams. After a while of meditating in the shower and before going to bed, I gained enough control over lucid dreaming that I could 'flip on' this lucid dreaming switch in my brain before sleep and would be present in my lucid dream moments after falling asleep. From this I was able to go to an actual library, in my dream, full of my own personal memories and emotions. Each book I opened would lead me to the exact circumstance, that was written on each book, the way in which I remember it. Teleportation to other planets/places would be easy, the creation of objects constructed from my own will in a matter of seconds. Even during my astral projection (walking around my house), I could hear the noises in real life in my dreams. For instance, in my astral projection I would walk down the stairs and would be in the position where the noise is coming from. Soon after waking I would confirm these noises, by asking my family what they said and where they said it. I was roughly 80% accurate to the positioning of the audio and the words that I heard. Due to this occurring multiple times, I was able to have full control over wether I wanted to hear real life noises or not (in astral or other environments). After about 3 years of being a fully experienced lucid dreamer with near 100% consciousness within these lucid dreams, something started to happen. (Keep in mind that I was still a child/teen when I went though this phase, having this seperate reality to real life really distorted myself in the real world). Basically an entity (changed shape/size) that seemed to be an outline or a shadow in the distance could never be erased no matter how much I forced it to go away. The entity seemed to travel closer and closer to me with every lucid dream I had. The last fully lucid dream I had (5 years ago) was an astral projection of my house, the entity had never been able to get in because I would always lock it outside of the house. Yet this time the house seemed darker and more depressing and I felt a dark presence somewhere. After searching around the house for it, I came to the last room (my mums study room), as soon as I opened the door I collapsed with fear. I could feel the creature looking at me, studying me. Even whilst I knew I was in a dream and I was lucid, I was still induced with this paralysing fear. All control of the dream was lost so I decided just to play dead. After the entity picked me up, examined me and placed me down again I jumped up and ran out of the room slamming the door behind me. I ran up my stairs and curled up in my bed and repeated to myself "wake up! wake up!". I could feel the entity spreading through the house, up the stairs and into my bedroom. No matter how much I tried to fly away, teleport or anything else, I wasn't able to. The last thing I heard from this 'thing' (when it was present in my room) was "I have control now". After that I forcibly stopped my lucid dreaming and even started smoking marijuana to stop my dreams all together. I still don't know what this entity is to this day, it has been a black cat, a giant monster and even a tall man with a trench coat and hat.

As of recent I have stopped my marijuana smoking and have found a recurring nightmare (zombies in this particular warehouse with no familiar faces, the warehouse always looks the same and has the same layout). I'll be using this nightmare as a way for me to venture back into my lucid dream world and to finally figure out what that entity was and how it stopped my full control over my dreams.

If you have any questions on my experiences, feel free to message me or ask on here. Keep in mind that during my 6-7 years of lucid dreaming, there would be weeks or months where I would lucid dream every night. So my question for all of you active/experienced lucid dreamers out there, has this ever happened to you? Have you ever been stuck in lucid dreams before? How long for?

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Re: What Is This Dream Blocker Entity?

Postby Xiaome » 12 Apr 2018 21:03

What does the multi pole sting mean?

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Re: What Is This Dream Blocker Entity?

Postby CatinBox » 06 Aug 2018 16:22

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