False Awakening Loop w/ Sleep Paralysis PLEASE HELP

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False Awakening Loop w/ Sleep Paralysis PLEASE HELP

Postby peaceluv » 12 Jan 2018 16:24

I've been experiencing false awakenings for awhile. Before I would just 'wake up' and go about my normal routine only to wake up for real later to realize it was only a dream. It was a little annoying but didn't bother me that much and rarely happened, usually when I would take a nap or wake up and then fall back asleep in the morning.

But recently I've started to get stuck in a sort of loop and also have sleep paralysis in the dreams...

It usually starts off with me 'waking up' only to end up back in my bed. In the dream I'm not exactly awake, I can feel myself in my bed (I'm still not sure if I'm feeling my actual self or dream self) but I can barely move. It usually happens in a loop of me trying to move, sometimes successfully, but then I end up back in the same position and it just keeps happening over and over. It's very hard to open my eyes in the dream but when I finally do I like jolt myself awake. This was getting to be a bother as I wasn't really ready to wake up yet, especially so suddenly.

I decided to try to just ignore it next time it happens as I can usually tell that I'm dreaming after the original false awakening. So this morning I tried it, once I realized what was happening I told myself it was just a dream and to ignore it and keep sleeping.. but then my body started feeling all weird and tingly and I started moving out of my control eventually even levitating slightly! It was very hard to ignore and felt so real. I got scared and tried to wake up and it took awhile like it usually does but after a little while I finally got my eyes to open.

How do I get more control of the dreams? Is there anyway to stop these from happening without having to wake up? Or at least wake up easier?

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Re: False Awakening Loop w/ Sleep Paralysis PLEASE HELP

Postby OlaUla » 12 Jan 2019 07:14

Hey hello yes I can understand what you feel. I've been having this all my life.
The false awakening loop and the sleep paralysis.
Sometimes the false awakening happens upto 10 times or more.
Then I start coming out of the sleep paralysis.
Even though I'm almost 30 now, I've had this for as long as I remember.
I cannot pick a specific mental state, i.e stress or inebriation. Or days or geographic location that this happens more in.
It just only happens when I'm sleeping alone though.

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Re: False Awakening Loop w/ Sleep Paralysis PLEASE HELP

Postby DeadVoices » 12 Jan 2019 08:40

"It's very hard to open my eyes in the dream but when I finally do I like jolt myself awake"

That is my trick to get myself back to the "real world" when I'm dreaming! Try to enjoy the fact that you can "jolt" control. You chose that path! After you experience that enough, then you will have no fear of diving back into that world but before you go again you will want a different path, and you will seek it in those moments when you are awake/sleeping/laying in bed and wanting something different.

It is a skill you should cherish and push as an "escape" from that. I consider it a lucid dream control mechanism that I learned, and if you use that as your basis for LCD control, then you can branch out as use it for future dreams. I have have multiple dreams that I've ended/started based on that, and if you choose you can continue that same dream but restarting on your own desires.

Sleep paralysis is a mental mechanism of control, which is: Spirit control mind: mind controls body: body (end). So where is your spirit???
I hear the voices of the dead and long gone before we are now.

The past is long and gone, and the "future" will never come; WHY? We are NOW.

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