Sleepy in dream...waking in rl

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Sleepy in dream...waking in rl

Postby Enfin828 » 24 Jan 2018 20:29

Falling asleep during the middle of the day was a lot easier than expected... Waking up in a dream, immediately upon falling asleep was quite strange.

I have a lot of dreams, based on schools and other people, though this one was quite a bit different.

I had woken up from reality in this dream and seen that there were others like me, waking in this room. Next thing I know, we are all taking tests like being sent somewhere and finding a wallet or purse... do you keep it, or find it's owner? I was looking for the owner which seemed impossible. Finally found them and began getting fatigued and extremely sleepy in the dream. As soon as I handed it to the owner, I fell asleep and immediately woke up in real life.

I began to get the same feeling again. I was super fatigued and drowsy and immediately began dreaming again and had awakened in the dream with the others that had passed the test. Round 2?

I bet I had this happen to me 4 more times, before I was actually capable of waking up. Falling asleep in the dream, waking in reality. Falling asleep in reality, waking in the dream.

Had this happened to anyone else? This is probably the strangest dream experience I have ever had.

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Re: Sleepy in dream...waking in rl

Postby promo » 26 Jan 2018 08:46

I literally just posted a blog about something similar.

I experience the falling asleep or getting tired as if your energy is being drained from you type of thing a lot. It's as if you only have a certain amount of dream fuel power to use to accomplish certain things in the dream world. I don't often remember this when I have full dream energy but it quickly comes to mind when I'm beginning to run out.

It really feels like the opposite effect of getting tired in real life makes us go to sleep in the dream world and running out of dream energy makes us fall asleep back to the waking world.

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