My mom is pregnant/class about the paranormal

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My mom is pregnant/class about the paranormal

Postby Nickfan40 » 25 Jan 2018 01:24

I had this dream last night when I was listening to my Dick Sutphen Astral Travel CD and my chakra cleansing CD.

I came down the stairs from doing something, I don't remember what. My mother was sitting in her usual chair in the living room by the window. The living room looks the same as it does in real life.

She looks like she does now, but my dad is still alive (he died a little over 3 years ago); I see him coming out of his bedroom. She tells me that she's pregnant! I don't know how to react to that at first and it's a good thing I'm sitting down. I tell her, "You can't be pregnant. You had a hysterectomy in 1981! You're 82 years old! That has to be some kind of record!" I keep watching her to see if she's kidding or not, but her face is dead serious. I'm worried because she has a dangerous kidney ailment that could put the pregnancy in danger. Because she is already a little overweight, she looks a few months along, not just knowing about it. She also tells me that her uterus and ovaries have miraculously grown back!

Before I can say any more, the scene changes and I am back in high school, taking a class that I had never taken before, a class on the paranormal. I recognize the teacher as the math teacher I had in high school, Mr. Allen; he passed away in 1997 from cancer. I recognize the room from one I took math in when I was in elementary school. We were laughing, talking and watching a film about dreams and chakra cleaning which was very interesting. It was on one of those big film projectors and was shown on a screen that had to be pulled down. I think some of what I was listening to while I slept was filtering into my dreams. It sometimes does that.

I had strong emotions in the baby dream. I was mad at my parents for wanting to have a baby in this day and age, even though I heard them say that they couldn't, with good conscience, bring one into the world even if they could. I was excited too, because I was going to get to help with it. She would be in the Guinness Book of World Records, being the oldest mother *and* conceiving naturally. I must have been having a conversation with my mother just before that about how, if the birth order were different, I would have helped with my sister. I already knew the sex of the baby, a girl, without any tests. When my father was a teenager, he had mumps and they "fell" on him, meaning they "settled" in his testicles. For a long time, no one knew if he was ever going to be able to father children, but it was found that they only affected one: the one that brought the boy babies. He never had that testicle removed, and had trouble with it for the rest of his life, which was probably why he was so irritable all the time, snapping at all of us.

I think about my high school days sometimes, wondering what I would have done if time travel were possible. I'd probably take different classes, like music instead of Home Ec, taking gym and US History in a different year, having different teachers for Physical Science and English, taking vocational school, listening to relaxation tapes to end my stuttering, not listening to my sister's weight bigot of a boyfriend (he became her husband on August 13, 1993) about being fat. If I could have had my way about it, she never would have met him in the first place!

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