Problems in my Dreams...losing control of reality and dream!?

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Problems in my Dreams...losing control of reality and dream!?

Postby telober » 26 Jan 2018 23:59

Hello guys...

Where should i start, this gets slowly out of hands...
In the past months my dreams went nuts...I was only able to wild (wake inducid...i forgot the rest of the name) when I completed a dream before and woke up false. The thing is that my "false woke up" was real to me...i wasnt able to tell the difference between dream and reality and loads of scary stuff always happened there.
When I woke up false, everything seemed exactly the same as if I wake up normaly. My room is dark, a little bit of light comes through the windows, the rest looked exactly the same. Now normally i would close my eyes again and go on to sleep (and wild, because that always works when i wake up in a dream) or I would wake up and go to the bathroom to start my day etc.
The weird thing is (this happens so much) I wake up false in my bedroom, it seems real to me but its a dream, i go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and prepare myself after that something scary always happen. It may happen outside of my house where something waits to f... me up or i discover a dead body inside my house or something that hunts me through my house and tries to scare the crap out of me. Then after that i wake up in shock or i wake up false again. The funny thing is that if i wake up false the second time, then nothing scary normal day starts and I solve my daily problems, go to work and progress in life but then i wake up just to realise that it all wasnt real and i now I need to repeat everything again. Well in both scenarios i cannot tell if i dream or if i am now in reality...its so shit and i slowly get scared of sleeping amd dreaming.

The other thing is that i do lucid stuff in my dreams but i am now not able to realize the dream anymore...its locked...i do reality checks, they work but I still dont realize the dream anymore. It worked in the past and i always realized the dream, it was clear to me. But now it doesnt work anymore. The ammount of nightmares increased so badly aswell...i have atleast one nightmare in a night. Even the dreams where i lucid dream or dreams that generally meant to be good are nightmares. The weather is very dark, scary amd weird noises are in the background etc. Something always feels bad when i dream and i realize that. I cant even change the weather or anything else in the dreams...even if i wish that in the dream.

I'm lost and locked in these dreams....

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