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New here

Postby kadin » 30 Jan 2018 03:08

Hi everyone!
I just stumbled upon lucid dreaming and am really excited about it! I have randomly had lucid like dreams in the past but until just the last few days I didn't realize that this was something you could actually induce. I have been obsessively reading about it since I learned this was possible and just last night had the first self induced lucid dream ever. It was a really incredible start and now I can't wait to learn more.

I have a quick question that I might as well ask here. I've looked into it a bit but not really a clear answer for my specific circumstances.

I am curious about learning foreign language while in a lucid dream. Maybe not so much learning but RE learning and pulling information from my subconscious mind. I have spent a lot of time in South America, Central America, and Mexico and while I was never 100% fluent in Spanish, I did come pretty close. It has been years since I have spoken spanish and really don't remember very much. What I am wondering is if you guys think I would be able to relearn this while in a state of lucid dreaming? Maybe even get better than where I was before because I could recall information that I had subconsciously accumulated yet was never actually able to utilize....?

Anyways, your thoughts would be very much appreciated! I'm going to scour the forum now!


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Re: New here

Postby naturespirit » 30 Jan 2018 07:51

Welcome to WOLDF! :)

Your question is an interesting one. While a language you have never heard/seen before is unlikely in my opinion be learnable through lucid dreaming, a langage you have had exposure to may be a successful way to boost confidence in conversation. It could easily also help recall words and phrases you may have heard subconsciously!
After all, the brain does latently store ‘locked’ memories which are only remembered with a specific prompt to the brain. You know, like that feeling when one can’t remember the foriegn word for a word, only to realize that you knew it all along subconsciously after the answer was revealed or after some deep thought.

I often practice my French skills in LDs in order not to risk the shame of idiotic mistakes! :D

Lucid dreaming has been used for many purposes such as public speaking and job interviews, so I don’t see any problem with learning languages in them as well.

Enjoy your time here kadin!


PS: A curious occurence in when you start dreaming in different languages! I’ve had this a few times (probably from obsessive work all day!)
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