Using Dream Recall to Alter your Dreams

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Using Dream Recall to Alter your Dreams

Postby Eve0 » 31 Jan 2018 18:58

It's no secret that writing down or talking about your dreams will better your overall dream recall, however an interesting idea I thought of was making a point of trying to remember certain aspects of your dreams and if over time that would increase the frequency of those aspects appearing in your dreams. What I mean by this is if you make a point of writing down your dreams and then specifically tried to remember, say, colours of objects, would that increase the vividness of colours in your dreams? And more specifically, if you tried to remember all the things in your dreams that were the colour red, would that increase the number of objects in your dreams that are red? If so, I'd imagine this could be used as a tool to become lucid, similar to becoming lucid via dream signs, only you'd be forming and altering your own dreams signs. I initially thought of this idea by wondering if someone who only wrote down their "positive dreams" and not their nightmares would have more positive dreams and less nightmares. (That wouldn't apply to me, though, as I practically never have nightmares for whatever reason.)

So for the next few weeks, I'm going to try to make a point of remembering colours of even mundane objects in my dreams, such as a couch, table, wall, etc, and try to specifically focus on and remember objects that are red, to see if this increases the number of red objects in my dreams. What I'm hoping will happen is after time, the colours in my dreams will become much more colourful, (while I do have a good dream recall, the colours of objects are often forgettable, bland, and not something I've focused on remembering in the past) and the frequency of red objects will increase and become so disproportionate to the frequency of red objects in real life that differentiating between the dream world and the waking world will become much easier. I have absolutely no idea if this will work, but I'm going to try it and see what happens. Has anyone else attempted anything similar, trying to remember certain aspects of their dreams to make them appear more frequently? This obviously could be done with a wide variety of things in your dreams, and maybe trying to remember colours specifically isn't the right thing to try to remember, but it's what I'm going to try to remember in an attempt to see if I can noticeably alter my dreams.

Thanks for reading.

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Re: Using Dream Recall to Alter your Dreams

Postby LDer Charles » 02 Feb 2018 19:17

Thanks I think it's a good idea
Here is a link to my dream journal if you want to know what I am up to in the dream world! :)

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