Just had the most intense lucid dreaming experience.

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Just had the most intense lucid dreaming experience.

Postby Kinkajou93 » 03 Feb 2018 07:22

Ok, so it was Friday night and I went out drinking with my girlfriend for a few hours before coming home and going to sleep. I woke up a few hours later and sat around watching tv for an hour or 2 before going to sleep again. It is during this sleep session that I just had the most intense, controllable episode of lucid dreaming I have ever had.

I have had lucid dreams before, but they were very short, isolated and vague. Not this time, I just had about 2-3 hours of successive dreams in which I could observe and jump into first person lucidity at will, and I have gained some knowledge on the nature of lucidity.

I was'nt able to control the dream per se, but during lucidity I could interact fully with my environment and the people in it with as much sensitivity as in real life. I found that if my lucidity was growing weak, then running would increase it to a realistically intense level. However, for some reason running even a few steps in my dreamscape would cause my heart to beat very fast and heavily making it quite uncomfortable. Each period of lucidity must have lasted about 30 minutes each but I was able to switch back into lucidity at will. Now awake, I feel very 'out of sync', though this may be in part due to alcohol consumption.

As a psychology student, I am interested in why I was able to experience such effective lucidity this time, is there a chance that alcohol had something to do with it? If so, then that's odd, because alcohol is supposed to suppress REM sleep and so dreaming should be less frequent after drinking.

Anyway, I'm hoping I can achieve the same tomorrow night, because I have so much I would like to do, I might even trade it for real life!
Joking obviously, it would just become as mundane as my actual life lol.

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Re: Just had the most intense lucid dreaming experience.

Postby LucidCat » 03 Feb 2018 10:21

Thank you for sharing this. As a beginner - I can't say much about alcohol and lucid dreams. I just want to encourage you to share it if you achieve something like that again. I'm always very interested in reading about lucid dreams.
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Re: Just had the most intense lucid dreaming experience.

Postby LDer Charles » 03 Feb 2018 18:46

If you ever read the website called how tolucid. The guy recently posted a story where he was out drinking and then he had What's called the REM rebound wishes because REM sleep gets depressed after drinking but then it all builds up and then all the REM sleep comes at once and he said he had a very cool experience so if you go read that story it might teach more about REM rebound
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Re: Just had the most intense lucid dreaming experience.

Postby T-GR » 01 Mar 2018 01:10

Wow, you lived the dream, literally. Maybe the tv had to do something with it as well, some sort of mind stimulation?

Quite impressive that your brain affected your body as if you were physically running, or this is what it sounds like anyway.

Maybe we’re looking at an improved WBTB here? ;)

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