Your First Precognitive/Clairvoyance/Psychic Lucid Dream?

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Your First Precognitive/Clairvoyance/Psychic Lucid Dream?

Postby purple3091 » 04 Feb 2018 02:48

i am curious,about,what your first lucid precognitive dream was?and how long it took to happen in reality?..i just had a lucid dream,and am not sure if it's pregonitive,and am curious about the dreams of others too :-) thanks! :D ;) :) :P 8-) :?:

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Re: Your First Precognitive/Clairvoyance/Psychic Lucid Dream?

Postby lucidé » 11 Feb 2018 05:47

I might want to let you know that all lucid dreams like this happen because this universe has a form of random number generator. There are random numbers needed for a person to have a lucid dream coincide with an event based on an event that is currently happening, that will happen, or that happened previously that they did not know about. The odds of these random numbers being picked are oftentimes very low and the exact odds often depend on the event in question (there would have to be a lot of math and calculations involved to figure the exact odds). I also want to point out, it is not impossible for someone to experience several low probability events in a row. For example, I play a Pokemon game on my IPhone. There are certain creatures that have a 1/8,192 chance of being found on that game. While most players have trouble finding them, there are some players who seem to have found 50 of these creatures.
As far as if you had one, it might be possible. Just remember, however
My first official experience with dream spying (things currently happening) and not just a look at accurate environments lucid dreams would be when I started inducing WILDs in my high school classes. I would end up watching the lecture, including what the teacher wrote on the board while I was sleeping in class. It may not be anything super impressive when it comes to lottery luck, but this helped me get through high school.
An example of lucid dreaming: (1:46 Is that me or is this me? "Am I still dreaming?") Simpsons example:

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Re: Your First Precognitive/Clairvoyance/Psychic Lucid Dream?

Postby imveryreal » 13 Feb 2018 20:13

First I will like to thank everyone for not being afraid and I'm glad to have found this forum. Now to start with my dream. It is about 15 years old if I'm not mistaken and it has started the entire path that I now follow. Now I must mention as a disclaimer before this incident occurred I knew nothing about Lucid dreaming have never researched it or anything. I was about 25 years old a stripper and I was living a different more elaborate life so this dream came out of nowhere. It changed me it allowed me to hear other things in this world that other people can not hear. I also believe it allowed me to see the matrix momentarily. Hence that famous saying " I've seen the light". I've tried to trace this dream to my current lifestyle but there was something different very different. It looked real, similar to how I am looking at this computer as I type, it was real. like rain that you touch while you're awake. It was the water I felt the water in the dream I felt cold in the dream and I had visions in the dream and then there was a significant change in the environment of my dream the atmosphere changed and then the unbelievable happened.

Doors were opened in my dream not figuratively, but literally, a door was open and it led me to another place. This is the insert from which I have recorded my dream it is written in story form because I have documented this even so I will not forget but I do ensure you that these events are true. This is written in the third person so there are a few personal reflections it is a story that I am writing that I am working on getting published. I ensure you these statements are true and I'm no longer afraid to tell anyone. There are a few predictions in this dream which made me come online right now to locate a forum to deliver this message. Now is the time. In this statement, you will see cause and effect I explain the certain reason to why this dream occurred just so most can understand. I have been researching emotional traumas and the correlation fo our dreams so you will see these explanations to certain situations to cease all questions and doubt or reason to. They are already explained in the message. Thank you for allowing to do this and let's begin.

The Zoo

This was a normal dream a zoo in the backyard of her grandmother’s life. It entails her true feelings about how she was raised. It wasn’t a pretty picture but that picture she will paint for you later so that you can understand her roots when it came to her development. To be honest she defied all odds. Animals running around everywhere. She has always had this dream which tells you how important her upbringing was to her. She always knew something was wrong but no one heard her cries she was alone. Always alone walking through the zoo. In the dream, an animal got loose and all the patrons were running and screaming. She, of course, paid no attention to the havoc it was normal to her. As I stated she had this dream repeatedly. In this dream, she saw all her cousin’s when they were little as a matter of fact she herself was 8 years old in this dream.

To her at age 8 was horrible she remembered everything. Every rotten thing a grown woman did to her. Yes, her tormentors were women, women who were giving a charge to look after her. But their spirit was tainted with jealousy and envy. So, they tormented her instead and failed their charge. They will be back to repeat this same horrid life they lived there’s no escaping it. They failed! As she walked through the chaos of the animal escaping she seen a figure a being with a gray-black cloak with the pale skin he stood about 8 feet tall. She noticed the being because it noticed her. She walked toward the being for some reason there was no fear. Almost as if she knew it. As she approached the being it took a step back as if it was ushering her into something. It grabbed a piece of her dream and it opened a door. It split her reality! From the open door, she saw darkness. There was a door in the middle of her dreams she was amazed but not surprised…… why is that, why was she not surprised almost as if she seen this act before.

A part of her knew what they wanted but it laid silent, the conscious mind in the dream woke up immediately. She was no longer an eight-year-old girl she was now her age at 25. She walked through the door.

She didn’t try to look at the face of the being she knew how it looked. When she stepped into the door she walked into a room where her dream was playing. Something like a projection screening room. She paid no notice but when she glanced back at the screen she saw "The Zoo", she saw herself as an eight-year-old little girl. Then darkness, when she opened her eyes again they were on a ship.
THIS WAS NO LONGER A DREAM! She looked back at the being as it walked behind her, following her closely but not to close. She knew where to go. She was afraid and amazed, there were cities as far as the eye could see. The sun must have settled because it was dark the city lights were glimmering. The air was warm with a cool breeze to it. She knew she came from her dream world so why did this world look so different it was really like she awoke and walking in a building.

No this was different this was real she got frightened. The first thing she did was touch everything it was cool to the touch how can this be. She smelt the air smoky and warmth, and in some cases, she can see the condensation on the building, she touched it “wet” she thought how is this wet.

The being walked in front of her and opened the large door. She entered the light were bright it was a courtroom or at least she thought. You must always remember she is remembering things based on the knowledge that she has in her world. So, when she walked into this large room with the giant French doors it reminded her of a courtroom.

As she walked to the bottom of the bench she knew what she had to do, she bowed eyes to the floor and knelt. For she did not dare look amongst the 12 that sat high. They called for her to rise, as she rose she glanced to the left and seen a very familiar face. Now just to let you know she did not study religion, nor was she bound to any belief system she did not know the significance of the number 12. There were no outside influences at that time to create this thought. She did not watch any religious movies or alien movies with that number present. There were no studies of reptilian creatures from outer space. As a matter of fact, she started studying space travel and the possibilities of being from another planet 5 years after the interaction.

The Reptile

As a little girl, she had many nightmares all her dreams were about her mother getting her from the torment but her mother couldn’t be a mother at that moment. She wanted freedom she wanted to be without kids. So, for any occasion, she and her brother went to these tormentors. What made it worse was that the tormenters were telling their children to inflict more damage. And I got to say the kids follow those directions perfectly. Which shows you that evil was easily accepted and being good was hidden in the closet when she was growing up. She did what she was taught nothing more nothing less. And so, did the other kids these women drove everyone insane with their siren song and their false leadership of a gimmick. They went to Church every Sunday, and in the same breath gave their kids directives about abusing the little girl and her brother who was 2 at that time.

There was no other explanation for this they were monster’s real monsters. At that moment, she didn’t know it was abuse she thought it was a way of life so their abuse didn’t mean anything to her. She thought because they beat you they love you. As so she was told. Her culture was created for her she was never given the chance to create her own culture. Until later. When she dreamed at night from the age of 8-14 she has seen “The Monster” it chased her, terrified her, she was so scared at one point she wouldn’t go to sleep. She tried to tell her mother but as stated before her mother did not want to be a mother she wanted to be with her boyfriend and party and she lived her life that way any issues her kids had were ignored and laughed at almost mocked. No, not almost it was mocked her mother was a bitter woman very bitter.

And that bitterness flowed very well in her life she knew it well she even dispenses bitterness herself. She knew it was not that thing to do but she had nothing else to go on she had to literally find her own way and dismantle her culture. And that ladies and gentlemen she did! To almost perfection. At night, this creature would haunt her dreams chase her torment her, trap her. This creature literally made the fear in her life as she grew. Her nightmares affected her way of life because of this one creature that chased her continuously she always wondered how is this monster finding me no matter what the dream was about it was there. Her dreams always ended with the darkness of the basement with no way out and the creature coming down on her she never stayed asleep long enough for that to happen, but when she woke from that monster she faces another one. Her stepfather he was molesting her, exactly like the kids at her grandmother’s house they hurt her bad made her do things. To be honest who in their right mind would leave an 8-year-old girl with 3 7-year-old boys who had absolutely no discipline. Now, remember these little boys were the children of the women who tormented her. Her childhood was terrible and that monster was her reminder. Was it an image that her conscious had created or was it a warning of what’s to come. None of that mattered anymore, as the monster stood in front of her to her left. She gasped and jumped it threw up its hands and said I mean you no harm.

It spoke! but not her language, in her head it spoke. She replied you’re a lie you chased me as a child! The Reptile looked at her and said I was trying to keep you from getting here. But it didn’t work I see that you are here so please don’t be afraid of me. She knew it was not there to harm her as it had in the past. This reptile lived in her nightmares and haunted her in the realm of the conscious mind. And now as it stands there and says don’t fear me. She laughed it was right she wasn’t afraid of it. In a way, she knew it.

The top 12 started to speak as she came into a meeting that was already in progress. They called a name that she didn’t recognize consciously. But she knew it and she answered. These are the words that were told to her by the high council of 12.

“We need your assistance in this matter, we have tried to reach them but they cannot be reached. It seems like they do not want to be reached. You have something we do not possess and that’s empathy with this gift that you entail you can reach them at their most vulnerable. We need you to start working.”

The reptile immediately interrupts this order and debates against the planned course of action. Yelling, don’t use this technique its abuse and they must figure this out on their own. As the cloak being to the right of me spoke the reptile ushered me towards it and stated.” You know me I am truth I follow my path with no secrets but these beings will use what we don’t understand and what you cherish.

She looked bewildered at the accusation of the reptile and asked why should I trust you. You did nothing but haunt and torment me. The reptile stated that's the exact reason why you should trust me. I am hate I have no tricks or false misleading as these people do. You know what I am going to do but those people they are different they are lying to you. They’re hiding something from you. They use something that you cherish and manipulate it. Now it’s out of control and now they want you to contain their mistake. She asked what did they used. The reptile replied, “Love, they used love”. This is what they do not understand but this lies within them so they don’t respect it to them that’s a liability. But to you people, you have figure out a way to use it. To benefit from it. I am hate I’m what you people pictured when its come to the embodiment of hate I have no secrets my ambition is exposed to you I do not hide! You know me.

Go to the south corridor across the bridge that overlooks the city you will see a large black door but don’t let them see you going. Walk through the door I can’t tell you how to find it if you are true your heart will guide you to the secret.

The Serpent in the Tube

She was confused but the one thing she did know for sure was that the reptile did not lie he was hate he didn’t hide. Also, how can a being who claims it doesn’t understand love use love as a weapon? Unless they had love before and used logic to eradicate the choices that love brings. {Slavery whispered in her mind} Come to think of it Love is a weapon, these beings used love to create the most horrid of aspect and ways of like. She knew that but didn’t know how she knew that. As they were speaking amongst themselves in the courtroom like room. She drifted off in the background intent on understanding what the Reptile have told her.
Right outside the tribunal hall, she found the path to the bridge. The scenery was beautiful. The city was light up like New York at night when she looked up she can she see the stars. Wow, I’m really in Space, knowing that she was in a dream before she was here had amazed her. She never dreamed of being on a spaceship in space. Still, to this day it blows her mind. The bridge was made of stone and metal it would seem. Condensation was on the metal part she touched it was wet. How is this happening she kept wondering? Going back to the pale being who opened a door in her dream and lead her here. “How do I know these people? How did they know me? And why were’ they with that monster who chased me. What is going on? Empathy, what are they talking about? I don’t have empathy I don’t even know what it means.”

She found the door it stood about 30 feet high it was black it reminded her of a laboratory door. She opened the door and walked through. Surprisingly she was familiar with this area. It was a lab. She walked down a hallway directly in front of the door and her heart started to beat real fast she was afraid. She didn’t want to go any further but she had to and she made her way to the clearing after the hallway something told her to go left her heart beats faster now she’s afraid there’s something in the room in front of her something angry something evil. It didn’t have a purpose it was just terrifying. She opened the door and there it stood a serpent in a tube looked like an octopus it had about six or eight arms but she knows it was a serpent. When she got close it opened its eyes. From within her head, she heard come touch me. And she followed those directions under a trance of the unknown and the known. She placed her hands on the Tube glass and an immense amount of fear rushed her she cried out as she could hear its voice in her head with the images this is what she saw.
People sleeping their dreams being absorbed out of their head as energy the creature feeds off that energy, they produce certainties in our life that commanded dread to drive it, this dread created fear and hate this mixture fed this octo serpent creature it was old it was ancient. It was here before but they got rid of it now it’s in the regrouping stage for the payback? What is that? What payback, what happened? Nothing the mind went silent.

She felt a hand grab her. “what are you doing here”, said was dragged to the tribunal; and places in front of the 12 counsels. They were yelling at her at the same time but she did make this statement.” Who told you to go through that door, she did not answer. What did you see, she did not answer? Through this whole process, she’s trying to understand the fear that she felt when it ordered her to touch the tube. This images that played in her head what were they, better yet what was it and why were they hiding this creature form her? She rose to her feet and came to her senses enough to hear these words.

“You are banished you have violated the rules of our kingdom you are no longer welcome to come to the city your banishment shall last 10 years.” She understood, she did not bear to argue the decision she knew what’s she had done. And she knew that she had violated their rules.
She glanced at the area where she has seen the tubed serpent a member of the council noticed the glanced and stares at her. She feels the stare and looked back down. That’s it she came, violating and was banished she thought that her need was over before she knew it she was outside the door back in the “Zoo”. She knows sees the difference in both worlds. Her dream world had a smoky appearance to it. But that other world was clear and very real. The smell was different she couldn’t feel but in that other world, she felt the wind blow she felt the wetness from the condensation that she touched.

Her dreams were vague memories but the other dreams were vivid almost like a memory than a dream.
She walks amongst the chaos of the escaping animals and a lion appeared it stared down at her, “This is new” she thought. Behind the lion, she saw a figure the same figure but different. This being stood out of sight and called to her. She walked past the lion like it wasn’t even there and headed towards the hidden figure. It was one of the council she immediately bow he placed his hand on her tells her to rise and mention his name, she couldn’t make it out the only thing she knew was that it started with an “A” and he sat High who he was or what was his position was very relevant to her. Even though she did not hear his name she dares not ask him to repeat. He spoke to her.

“No matter what has happened we still need your help you will continue your training you will get stronger don’t be afraid do not falter stay on the path. Remember the rules and your orders. We will be watching”

He then leaves, it was then she realized he changed her dream to create the chaos so he can speak to her without anyone noticing. As I mentioned before the lion running loose was new this was a normal repeated dream nothing in it happened that surprised her except the lion getting loose.
Eyes open “They’re here”
As I stated there are a few personal issues in this statement as I explained earlier, I placed these situations in this statement so it can answer why certain things were occurring in my dream. At 25 I was no longer attached to the pain of my past, or so I thought. The weird thing that did occur after the dream was my memory. I did not remember me, yes that exactly as I said I did not remember me. When I walked into my bathroom after my dream it was as if I've seen my face for the first time. I fell in love with my self. Then I looked at my son and I felt this warm fuzzy feeling that made my entire face lit up with happiness I fell in love with him like I saw him for the first time. I hugged him so hard.I
returned to the bathroom looked at my face and I did not recognize it. I touched my face as If for the first time. I was beautiful, I then looked at my hands and was amazed at how it was formed for some odd reason.

Then I thought about the dream and remembered the message. I had absolutely no clue what just happened but it was real. These thoughts were rushing through my head at the same time it was like people were screaming all at once. I couldn't make it out. I then started thinking about my grandmother house, and I had no true grasp on any memory about my grandmother's house I tried to picture the memories but they were gone. When I used to think about my grandmother's house it used to make me cry but no longer I had no emotional attachment to the pain that my family has bestowed upon me.

Now most will say that this dream was me coming to terms and overcoming the pain of my past. I would agree with them if not for what happened next. I went outside for some reason to peer at the sky. Ha, you will not believe what I saw, there was light everywhere, Small particles of light falling everywhere. on my hands floating in the sky. Floating all around me it was light. I went back in the house. This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship or so I thought.

Now as I stated I have never researched anything of this magnitude when I was 25 prior to this dream. I am not a truther, nor am I a conspiracy theorist. as I stated before my life was different very selfish. But this year I really needed answers because things were starting to get crazy again. I started searching on Youtube for videos regarding my dreams. Mind you I have been searching for any information for year 14 years to be exact. Then I found it yesterday 2/12/2018 today is 2/163/2018. I found out about the tall white beings that they have named the Pleiades, I found out about the machine that can absorb energy from people as they sleep. I found out about vibrations and how we can be stuck in a state of mind when our vibrations are being interfered with. I know it sounds far-fetched but I implore you that this is true I have more stories, more dream travels I will gladly share if you should like to know.

Oh, yea something else occurred after the dream of the ship etc, my intelligence was amazing. before the dream my IQ was about 100 after the dream my IQ increased to 153. I was able to solve any situation I also started studying about Psychology, Sociology, religion, and science which I excelled at. I started meditating also. Before this incident, I had no interest in any of those fields. As I stated before I was a stripper I did not care about the state of the world. I was a narcissist. But after the dream, I became more involved and I started caring about others.

Contact me if you would like to know more.

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Re: Your First Precognitive/Clairvoyance/Psychic Lucid Dream?

Postby lucidé » 14 Feb 2018 18:31

There's nothing supernatural about lucid dreams increasing abilities including IQ. I use lucid dreams to help increase skills of mine frequently all the time.
In some of my lucid dreams however, I completely abandon a couple of the weaknesses I have in real life. In real life, I cannot understand reading comprehension, and always score Fs on anything to do with this subject. In my lucid dreams, in particular, the ones where I end up dream spying, I am somehow able to figure out the subject. I have confirmed this several times when the teacher has lectured or they have read books during class. It seems I have a much higher IQ in my lucid dreams than I do in real life and can figure out things way faster in some of my lucid dreams than I ever could in real life. Some of my lucid dream friends said in their lucid dreams when we attempted dream meshing, my character was way more intelligent and more in control of her emotions. My friend's DC (and my friend in his lucid dreams) not being disabled not just physically, but I could understand him better really made lucid dreams much better than real life in so many ways. I am unsure what causes someone to be freed from a disability in certain lucid dreams. My only guess is certain levels of DMT might fix areas in the brain temporarily allowing the user to experience a level of freedom.
An example of lucid dreaming: (1:46 Is that me or is this me? "Am I still dreaming?") Simpsons example:

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