weird dream this afternoon

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weird dream this afternoon

Postby astraldreamer » 04 Feb 2018 20:30

had a weird dream earlier today

I woke up in the dark and I felt weird. thought I had woke up for real but I had all these post it notes stuck to my arm with writing on them.

I didn't read them and called down for my daughter to come help me because I had tried getting out of bed and could hardly walk.

the light switch wouldnt turn on in my room and it was then that I became sort of lucid.

because I have had many dreams before mainly as a child where if the electric doesn't work or I can't walk or can't open a door etc that's a trigger for me realise I'm asleep.

and usually in the dreams where I wake up and feel weird they usually turn into nightmares with ghosts or monsters and so I started to do what I normally do.

which was to fly away and to keep on flying so whatever was in my room couldn't get me.

asking angel Michael to protect me and my family.

I flew down the stairs. the front door was open and I flew outside.

my dad was out breaking branches off of my over grown hedge. so I landed and spoke to him.
in a instant I forgot that I was supposed to be flying away.

this was a first usually I will fly in any direction and not stop until I have woken up from the dream.

I say i was sort of lucid only because it's was day time when i led down to rest, but was evening to night time in my dream but I didn't realise that at the time.

I asked my dad if he could see me and he said no but he could hear me and said my dinner was in the microwave, lol.

so I walked back up the path and noticed my neighbours were in their garden who live two doors down from me.

I said hiya and they said it back but then I heard them saying who the hell was that?

I went into the living room and asked the kids if they could see me. they said yes and I flew around the room and they were amazed.

so I went into the kitchen and the weirdest thought came into my bed. that maybe this wasn't a dream. maybe I had died.

so I got the kids to go and see if my body was in my bed and they said it was but they couldn't wake me

at this point my dad came back in the kitchen and again I asked him if he could see me and he said no.

I went into the living room and asked the kids again if they could still me.

this time they said no but they could hear me.

so I tried to test if they could see my aura.

I closed my eyes and the colour purple filled my head so I asked them to see if they could see any colour from where they could hear my voice.

they said a sort of blue.

so I really began to think I was dead and I told them and they sort of just said at least we can still see you sometimes and talk to you.

and then I began this deep discussion about that maybe not always gonna be possible if I was dead. becomes spirits move on.

as I went back in the kitchen I went to let the dog in and on the back door step was a little bird. much smaller than a robin eating a moth and I had a slight thought that this was a weird thing to see. but then it quickly passed

so then instead of being semi lucid. I began to really just think I was dead and I said again to my dad I think I'm dead.
I've seen in films where people die and they haven't realised and then just carry on doing what they normally do.

my dad started to cry and walked back into the living room saying to the girls I'm gonna try and give your mum some sugar in a minute to see if she wakes up. cuz this isn't right. I'm diabetic so I think he thought my sugar had gone to low.

as I was sorting out my food which was curry goat and rice by the way. I decided I was gonna go sit down and post on Facebook on the spiritual groups to see if I could still post things whilst being dead.

and then I opened my eyes very slowly and woke up. but it didnt feel like i was waking up, was just like i blinked in my dream and then was awake after blinking.

I just wish I had read what was on the post it notes stuck to my arm.

also have a headache.

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