My dream has been going on for years

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My dream has been going on for years

Postby leelalie » 07 Feb 2018 21:12

I have been dreaming always. I remember most of my dreams. But this is a reacuring dream.

It started a few years ago. Always the same house i do not know its location. But is in bad state not realy liveable. When im in side i can move in some of the front rooms. When i get to go to the back, my dream gets fearfull. I get paralised and has a hard time breathing. I can feel some one or something watching me want to do me harm. Normaly here i start saying a prayer and wake up.
Later i find my self again in this house. but there is snakes all over. I am paralised lying down, the snakes slithering all over me.
The latest i am having is i can go into the back of this house. There is a small white room. Not even big enough to put a bed. I remember myself saying how can i place the bed. I do not feel scared anymore. I got to wonder in to a bigger room. There is 2 swimming pools and the cealing is comming down.

Last night i went back there. There was people there, immposible to say if i know them. They where busy breaking the bigger pools. I tried to stop them and felt a lot of anguish. Eventuelly one guy lifted his pick axe to hit in to the pool. before i could say watch out he touched the ceilling which came down aswell as the roof. I was very mad. Then i saw in the little pool kids playing in the murky water. I commande them to get out.....and woke up

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Re: My dream has been going on for years

Postby jasmine2 » 09 Feb 2018 23:52

I suggest some possible associations for imagery in this dream.

The house that "is in bad state" may symbolize recurring emotional (and maybe physical?) problems, possibly related to stressful, traumatic experiences, especially in childhood.

The scary feelings and snakes in the back rooms, and the 2 pools may represent troubling conscious and unconscious emotions.

In contrast, the white room, which feels safer, and the workers who are tearing down (but also reconstructing?) the house may symbolize that the dreamer is feeling more confident and is starting to come to terms with difficult past experiences.

The young children playing in the water, even though it is murky, may symbolize new potentialities for the dreamer.

I wish you well. Perhaps it would be helpful if you could work with a mental health professional regarding any emotional and life situation challenges which you may have.

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