18Feb18 "Met a mysterious lady with a vibrating ending"

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18Feb18 "Met a mysterious lady with a vibrating ending"

Postby Ryeon » 17 Feb 2018 21:15

It's not the first time in my life, it will come after months, few times a year for me is very normal, and I will never feel curious or want to find out why.

Recently the dream coming very frequent, few time a week and even every nights if I off my room light. I usually sleeping with all lights off, but when recently too often having this kind of dream I am forced to on a medium light, it reduced the numbers to few times a week, it's suffering and scary for me.

Now is 3.41am (18/02/18) I just woke up of a buzzing, vibrating dream. I just registered and want to write.

Firstly, my dream was about I living in a dark house, I stay with my mom but I can't see my mom face, and she will never response to me no matter what I talk (weird). I walked out to living hall, there two girls and they're friendly, one are ordinary like to listen to my story, another one she have very sexy body, she even smile and hugged me. They like chatting and even cooking in midnight .. Sometimes the living hall suddenly black out, even I press every switch to on, it's failed and I ran back to my room. This switching the scene, I walking to work in a rainy day, I notice behind have an old lady, walking slow and calling for help. I started can't walk like normal and it's like dragging by her, at this moment I queenly "realized" that "I am in the dream, I need to wake up" and I managed to wake up! It's 2.30am, I know I skipped so won't awake and body can't move, can't. Talk.

I went to washroom, and go back to the bed and sleep..

I asleep, I went back to the same dream, same dark house. I hate. I appear at the dark staircase which I walked before, so I walk up again to the dark house, because there's no way can get out from this house, there's no door instead of a staircase. I walked up to the living hall, a kitchen. I turn on the tap to wash my hands, suddenly have a very skinny girl hands holding me from my back, hugged me, her body stick on me.. At this moment I saw very bright lights, I can't see and it's buzzing, I know I am waking up, my body vibrating by a way that I think human can't do. I was covered by blanket, after it stop only I open up blanket. It's 3.00am, I have and for my experiences it always happened at either 3am sharp or about 6-7am. I tried everything but can't rid off this kind of dream.

I can say every dream it's too scary, there's always have a girl.. And sometimes it's a lady with scary fierce face like wanted to kill me. I am Chinese, a musician and I shared before to the media when I was having my press conference of my ep, they published it in newspaper.

In 2007, there's a day and night, it's not just a dream, a lady really appeared. Hope to write it in a post after this.

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