Most scary night in life

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Most scary night in life

Postby Ryeon » 17 Feb 2018 21:32

In 2007, I went to my gf house, a place she rented a room. However the master room it's empty, I don't feel comfortable with the house.

It's a day time, I was sleeping and I dreaming... in the dream I saw a long haired girl combing her hair facing a tall mirror. She's sitting on the floor of my gf room.

When I woke up, I look to the mirror and it's exactly same in the dream, I think too much and even suspecting it's a ghost appearing in my dream, is she actually staying in the house?

In the same night, I slept and I woke up in the mid night, I can't move, my arms was locked, I can't talk or scream, my gf was still sleep beside me, and I saw that lady just standing next to me, this is no joking. I can't see her face, but she was starring at me, I only can see her hair, whole body but shadow blocking her face. I scare like hell.. But can't manage to scream out, I keep on trying to talk but I can't and I found I actually can do sound like whistle but my gf never alert.. I got no choice, I close my eyes and sleep again. I am sure what I seen is real, but you can call it a hallucination if we think ghost doesn't exist in the world. If anyone seen before "something" after wake up, do write to share here.

(she got very long hair and like a Chinese/Japanese lady ghost wearing exactly same full white, she's the one appeared in my daytime dream)

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Re: Most scary night in life

Postby jasmine2 » 22 Feb 2018 02:43

I recommend - website - Dream Studies Portal -
Hosted by Ryan Hurd

On Home page, Click tab - "Sleep paralysis"
Includes about 20 interesting articles regarding a variety of strange phenomena which may be experienced during the transition stages of sleep.

Sample articles -
- "9 ways to wake up from sleep paralysis"
- "The mystery of hypnagogia"
- "The veil is thin: When spirits show up in sleep paralysis"

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Re: Most scary night in life

Postby Jendy13 » 20 Apr 2018 05:13

:x Omg! I can certainly relate to your scary dream. Especially the part about not being able to say anything or not being able to move. It's a sense of feeling powerless. I kept having a recurring dream in which I felt like I was being smothered. I would bang my headboard against the wall in the lucid part of the dream. Trying to get somebody to hear me so they could wake me up. Then the sleep paralysis set in. I knew I was dreaming but I just couldn't get out of it The dreams terrified me so much that by the time I was finally able to wake up, I had to go over to a friend's house.

After years of the same theme, I Finally asked my mother if there was something that had occurred in my past that may have evoked these dreams. I found out that when I was a baby she had put me down for a nap, and shut the door. She thought she had put out her cigarette, but it was smoldering, and had fallen off the tip of ashtray. My Mom was talking to a neighbor in the front yard. As the room filled with smoke, I apparently had banged and shook the crib so much, that it moved in front of the door. My Mom finally was able to get through the door. But it explains my theme of constantly banging things in my lucid dreams, trying to get someone to hear me Since the explanation, I've seldom had those types of themes.
Maybe ask family members if there was something from your past. If nothing seems to connect to your dream, try to communicate with your dream character(s). I know it's easier said then done. I just know that "what you resist, persists. ".
Who knows? Maybe what you saw "is" somebody who used to live in that house in the past.

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Re: Most scary night in life

Postby MARTINA260 » 30 Apr 2018 07:30

Yo... I totally feel you... Around 2015 when I was 16 I was going to sleep early cause I had school the next day and as soon as I was going to sleep my whole body just froze I couldn't move, talk, or even open my eyes cause I new someone was staring at me but eventually my eyes let loose and I opened my eye and as I opened my eyes there was literally a woman on top of me like if she was floating over me staring at me in my eyes and I was too scared to say anything so I closed my eyes again and opened them and I saw how she walked out my room with the door locked... I've seen ghost from far away but never that close to my face like that night...

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Re: Most scary night in life

Postby dreamoverflow » 21 May 2018 00:43

Yep can be scary the first time but I think you have to be more comfortable with that, its probably a part of your subconscious, you have to make peace with or something like this ^^ or sort of fear to overtake.

It seem you was in a sort of a dream during a dream. You thought you was awake but always dreaming. I've made that a lot of time. I think the most important think to do with that is to be comfortable with, and you will access to deeper inner of your mind (its my theory).

Thing scary like that, I was around 21 years old, I was playing fun with satanism, dark music etc... just mystified by that at the period. After that a very long time (I was not very knowing about LD and any sort of sleep paralysis, hypnagogia...) during a night, I remember to pick up on my bed and saying "I'm satan" and going to sleep again. I'm feel very strange, but I think imagination can have a lot of power to create that kind of state, and the desire to be mystified sometime can be enough strong to delude ourself.

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