My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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Chapter 67

Indication of austerity of descent and blessings of God

308) 15th July, 1978. Saturday.
Early morning dream: A huge multistoried building was visible. The place seemed to be near an air field.
Then I saw a plank on one side on which an unknown faced gentleman was standing while on another side I was standing. That plank was flying down from a distant height above a gallery, resting step by step on the gallery, as if it was taking support, otherwise it would break into pieces. But all these incidents were being observed by me without any tension. Many other people were also doing the same thing, but many of them were falling on the ground being injured. Lastly my plank landed on the ground and I got down from it. The dream here ended.

[The dream indicates that the seer’s advancement of austerity in descent (Nigam) will continue by the grace of God. The unknown person in dream is God who is balancing the seer standing on the other side of the plank. It also means that the austerity of the seer will advance systematically and in a balanced way.]

Indication of future spiritual world and publicity of Jibankrishna

309) Sometime in the midst July, 1978.
One day in an early morning I saw in a dream that the principal of our school had called me through a messenger. I asked, ‘Why’? He told me that he was told that the principal had seen Jibankrishna in a dream. While going to him my dream went off.
Perhaps the future was revealed in the dream.

The future indication - spreading of Jibankrishna’s name among young ones

310).1st August, 1978, Monday.
Early morning dream: In a football ground some young boys were playing football. I was watching it from the verandah of a house beside the ground. Then I heard some boys discussing among themselves about dreams, during the interval of the game near the verandah. Hearing this I began to explain about dreams to the boys. Here the dream went off.
This dream indicates that in future the name of Diamond may spread among young generations.

[within a few years quite a good number of young students began to see Diamond in dreams in Bolpur, Birbhun District of West Bengal. Not only so, strangely, the same scene was repeated at Sriniketan, Bolpur after a few years, but it happened with Snehamay, a young man who discussed with the boys playing football. He saw Diamond in dreams and was a regular reader in Bolpur reading center where Diamond’s book is regularly read.]

Increase of brain power with accompaniment of large number of people

311) 3rd August, 1978. Thursday .
Early morning dream : There is a vast field where innumerable devotees of Jibankrishna along with a huge number of unknown people had gathered . Reading and discussions were going on regarding Kathamrita and sayings of Sri Jibankrishna. In such a manner the whole night passed . Then the dream went off.

[The huge field indicates the vast spiritual brain power of the seer. Gathering of large number of people also indicates the probability of increasing brain capacity with universal austerity.]

Indication of realizations on mass austereity
with the blessings of God

312) 4th August, 1978 , Friday .
Early morning dream: I had gone to a market along with my father (Amritalal—means vedic primeval man and immortality). I had no money in my pocket. I was seeking for a good papaya but could not find a good one. Suddenly a very good papaya was seen and it seemed to be a high quality and very sweet. I purchased it but couldn’t remember who gave the money and the dream went off.
Mango means individualism, while papaya denotes mass realizations as it contains innumerable seeds. The variety is of high quality and sweet which means in future the seer will have innumerable high quality universal realizations. The money was given by unknown one which means God will always be with the seer for more and more spiritual development.

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