Hello, looking for help

Discuss lucid dreaming techniques including dream recall, MILD, WILD, meditation and other ways of attaining lucidity in dreams.
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Hello, looking for help

Postby missingO2 » 26 Feb 2018 22:21

So i read about lucid dreaming many years ago and up until about 12 months ago i had only had one dream id have described as lucid.

nowadays i have almost nightly episodes of sleep paralysis. it had become so stressful that i am unable to go back sleep, often drinking coffee to stay awake.

i believe the problem is caused by pain medicine which allows me to function well with degenerative disc disease caused by a spinal injury.

unfortunately one of the things ive always found frightening about sleep paralysis , even well before i was injured is the feeling that i cannot breathe. couple that with the fact that i do have apnea, as well as paranoia of respiratory depression and suddenly not being able to move or breath is stressful.

so i finnally did some reading and learned one major lucid dreaming technique is to recognize and remain cognizant during the initial stage of sleep when your body immobilizes.

so ive made major progress, i can initiate a dream topic of choice (my dreams are very abstract so its not full control but i can decide the theme)

i can also come out of the paralysis by straining and shaking my head. of course my head isnt shaking, in fact im in a half dream half reality, the way i know im asleep and not actually paralyzed is my room will be slightly different. a photo out of place , etc.

however, im still dealing with enough fear and stress from being unable to breathe, or feeling as such.
id say 2 out of 5 times i am able to calm myself and enter a dream, the other half i decide to wake myself in a panic.

any ideas , herbs, drugs , tequniques, etc to train myself that i am breathing , and to relax is appreciated.its hard because i am in an absolute altered state, outside time and normal conciousness. its like a state between wakefulness and dream where i am not me. its like being i a powerful dmt trip. i can even hear my tv or audiobook , i bet if someone talked to me id hear it, but if they asked my name im not sure i would know who they or I was. i dont even recognize the audio from the tv, only upon forcing myself awake do i realize what happened. now if im able to become lucid and enter the dream everything is fine. but apparently if the reality check that i notice happens to be me suffocating all i can do is panic wake.

my current idea is to video tape myself until until i can have thia experience and see myself breathing before waking in the hopes it will assuage my irational fear of death by apnea. its like reality checks are working but i need more subconscious assurances ti avoid these non lucid states.

thanks for reading , i am glad to be here.

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Re: Hello, looking for help

Postby DawnXEye11 » 28 Feb 2018 05:15

: D Hey missing and welcome to the forum,

:?: I haven't had apnea before so I'm not sure if I can help much but I do recall times i had a fear of falling asleep cause I thought I couldn't breathe. It was as I was falling asleep and I also got a feeling that I was falling back or something. Rarely did this occur but it was enough to keep me awake till I relaxed. I also had night anxiety and it was horrible.

You seem to be doing what I use to do. Listening to relaxing audio/sound. That definitely helps. Calming yourself with positive comforting thoughts helps too. It's like your imagining your surrounded by the things/people you love or your in a setting that brings you comfort. I recall doing this in yoga class before as well.

I never did force myself to fall asleep though. There were times where It felt like I had to go asleep but I was still pretty uncomfortable. That's when I would listen to the relaxing audio or watch a show that would relax me. (I don't think it's recommended for people to watch t.v. before bed but...its just what I did to calm me. I guess you do it as well ^^")

Either way, were usually afraid of things that will hurt us so again, instead of thinking of that, think of yourself surrounded by the things that bring you warmth/ comfort.

About the part of feeling apnea within paralysis or the dream. Not sure if you'd be feeling the apnea as it occurs or if you'd wake up after it starts. However, i think it's ok to wake up if you feel uncomfortable.Your body will probably wake you up if you were having it though.It does help to know when it really is apnea and when its the dream.

Also, did your doctor give you sufficient advice? I hope someone who has had apnea can help answer your questions from their experience. Either way I still hope this was helpful. Stay positive~: )
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