Reality Checks -- Is there another way?

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Reality Checks -- Is there another way?

Postby Mindful » 27 Feb 2018 02:06

Hi all,

One thing I've been trying to do better, are my reality checks. I've tried quite a few of them, and it doesn't work very well for me. I'm having a difficult time acknowledging when something is "off," or "strange." For a good example, I had a dream I was in the workplace, and my co-worker's hair was bright-neon pink. For some reason, the entire dream went by, and I never asked myself, "Why was Kerry's hair pink?"

However, once I'd awoken, I was trying to figure out why it wasn't strange to my unconscious mind. I'd been working with her for two years. I read online and tried the hand-counting tactics... other websites say, "plug your nose and tell yourself you aren't dreaming," and make sure to do it 15 times a day. I've tried pushing my finger through my hand as well, while acknowledging I was awake and not inside a dream.

But for some reason, my mind never wants to follow in a dream. Even after weeks of doing so, the dream carry's on, and I never "think," or "instinctively" try to do those in a dream. Does anyone on this board have any tips, advice, experiences with this? Is there another check I can try, or maybe I should try to do it more times through the day? All advice is helpful and appreciated. Thanks for reading the novel, ha. :)

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Re: Reality Checks -- Is there another way?

Postby Sean Jacobs » 27 Feb 2018 17:16

Hi Mindful.

I can sympathize with your situation. Reality checks are difficult because they have to come from a deeply seeded habit in your subconscious before they will carry over to your dreams. If you are just randomly doing RCs it becomes even more difficult because they are not associated to particular situations, places, events, people, etc. When you are dreaming your rational mind and critical thinking are greatly suppressed, so even the strangest things pass as normal.

I have found from past experience that keeping a dream journal (which I hate doing), and reviewing it regularly, is greatly helpful in recognizing reoccurring "dream signs" and getting a "feel" for the difference between your dream world and the real world. It helps you to recognize when you are dreaming and then the reality check is just a way of verifying that you are in fact dreaming.

That being said, if you can find something that appear often in both real life and in your dreams; and then do reality checks when you see, hear, feel, that thing you stand a better chance of having successful lucid dreams triggered by a reality check.

Here is an example: My wife often has dreams (a couple times a month) where she is in a bathroom or seeking a bathroom. She has a real life habit of doing reality checks whenever she is in a bathroom or seeking a bathroom. So, she will do a reality check in her dream under the same circumstance...which works often. (However, her reality checks almost always fail because she struggles with understanding how to do a good reality check. When she does a RC in real life she always assumes she is awake, so she assumes that she is awake when she is dreaming and ends up with a failed reality check. bummer for her.)

For me, I have kept dream journals over the course of my 14 year pursuit of lucid dreaming; and yet I can't locate many consistent elements that exist in both my dream world and the real world. Right now I am trying a new technique call "See The Sky". When ever I see the sky I do a RC; this can be in real life, on TV, in a picture, etc. I've had many lucid dreams where the sky has made me lucid because it looks AMAZING in my dreams (like images from the Hubble space telescope). So far I've had 1 brief success in the last 8 days.

I hope this helps and good luck with your lucid pursuits.
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