Sleep Paralysis Terror

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Sleep Paralysis Terror

Postby FireWalkWithMe » 24 Jun 2011 02:27

Sleep paralysis.... I had my first experience w/ it a few months back – it was awesome. I wasn’t afraid - I felt calm and had an intense hallucination- that of a strong wind blowing through my room and making the sheets ripple above my head. It was a very lifelike & convincing hallucination – it was short but very intense, and it left me wanting more!

That experience led me to start researching sleep paralysis a bit which led me to this site and to my purchase of the book Exploring The World Of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge. I have since attempted to have lucid dreams, but it's been a lucid dream & paralysis type state that I have been able to achieve – if that makes sense?

Both RECENT experiences so far have had similar qualities and both were equally TERRIFYING. They started when in my dream I became aware I was dreaming – which instantly caused a shift from a dream state to a sleep paralysis type state. This is where things get a bit confusing as to what I was experiencing - it was a sorta lucid dream / sleep paralysis combo?

No longer in my dreamworld - I was in my bedroom in the dark. At first I was paralyzed while experiencing the onset rush of the SP – I then was able to rise (dreaming lucidly?) I reached for the light but it wouldn’t turn on – which caused me some panic as it was pitch black, (darker than my room actually is). I walked towards my bedroom door and passed through it. On the other side of the door I bumped into a woman who said nothing, but I felt the most incredible fear as she was inches from my face and appeared ghostly pale – the rush of fear instantly transported me back to my bed where I was once again completely paralyzed only there was something in the bed w/ me, a force thrashing me back and forth, it would occasionally let up and pin my body against the wall – It was as if the force was expressing dominance – I was helpless and it continued to violently reposition my body – I was finally able to wake myself up straining as I attempted to open my mouth to scream for help.
I'm 30 years old and never have I been more terrified! I turned the light on and was frozen in fear for almost an hour. I left the light on that night and didn't get out of bed until the sun came up!
I had one more similar experience – I went from a brief lucid dream state to the sleep paralysis lucid dream "combo" state. Again I was in my room in the dark I lied paralyzed and heard girls chanting in the hall outside my room. I was once again thrashed about and had my body pressed up against the cold wall near my bed- it didn’t last as long and I was able to wake myself up using the simple technique where you concentrate on moving one finger.

I have since taken a break from attempting to have a lucid dream!

Anyone else have similar experiences? I don't think what I have experienced were lucid dreams, nor do I think they were just simple sleep paralysis hallucinations, but some sorta back and forth combination of the two.... These experiences were unlike traditional dreams as they are more like memories from actual physical happenings. VERY vivid and unwelcoming!

I wonder are lucid dreams intensely vivid as well? ...

Anyway thanks for reading -Tom

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Re: Sleep Paralysis Terror

Postby Peter » 24 Jun 2011 09:46

I will have a guess and someone may correct or add to my thoughts. a while back I used to dream and wake from these dreams and then experience SP. Waking was waking in normal reality but still in a dark room and a little hazy from the dream so you see shadows and images. They fade fast and that ok, sometimes I would wake and have SP. I had no idea of what this was for years and it was horrible and yes terrifying as you would utterly believe that someone was in the room and you were being attacked. If I went back into a dream it became a mix of SP, dreaming and awake-ness all mixed up and my mind had to make some sense of this and I see images or feel presences or as you say see stuff that made me feel scared.
If you break it all down in to a time sequence and associate the feelings and dream or images you may get a sense of how it all unfolds.
One interesting point I noticed was that I would get more of these attacks SP when I slept on my belly with the covers off and in colder weather. I think I would sleep lightly and the cold would somehow increase the chance of waking while still sleeping.
Very short answer is that instead of being aware of being awake and asleep at the same time you are a victim of it
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Re: Sleep Paralysis Terror

Postby StarFox » 24 Jun 2011 20:11

Something similar happened to me last night. I was dreaming then I realized I was dreaming. Suddenly I couldn't move I was laying down in the dream but I wasn't sure if i was dreaming or if this was sleep paralysis nothing bad happened I just kept wiggling my fingers and toes and swollowing then i got out of it either by falling back asleep or from doing the previous things mentioned. I don't know it was weird I had a tingling sensation throughout my body.

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