Unseen Menace

Discuss paranormal activity linked with sleep and dreams, such as out of body experiences, astral projection and psychic dreams.
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Unseen Menace

Postby toomuchwrinkles » 06 Mar 2018 21:56

Dream part 1- I am in a house with another person (I believe it's my husband but not sure). The events leading up to the following moments are not recalled....we are in a room when i sense a menacing presence. I don't see anything but I feel it. The door to the room slams shut. This confirms my feeling. I am on edge. (I don't recall if I hear or see anything else happen) I open the door and yell out obscenities. I grab something long like a 2x4 (it is invisible to my eye as is the energy/entity..) and start swinging it thru the air in the next room still yelling. I am angry and I'm fighting back. I follow the Unseen into another room which has a door to the outside. (I don't recall exactly what transpires here) I see my cat (whom is sleeping next to me in the material realm) at the door. Something happens and I wake up.

I move over to hold my husband who asks if I had a bad dream. I say yes and hold him to calm myself down. I roll over, facing away from him when I hear my cat growl. I reach out to touch him. He is still asleep. I pet him and tell him it'll be ok (in my mind) I fall back asleep quickly.

Dream part 2- I am in a house with my husband. We are in adjoining rooms and I am talking about what happened in my dream. I say "and it wasn't just a dream" when the door between us slams shut. I yell out his name. Repeating it. Yelling it. I use my body to break the door open. I run over to my husband who is in the dark and on the phone. I sense that he is calling for help. It seems like he may be praying (no recollection after this).

In the morning my husband expressed what a rough night it had been. He says that at first he thought I was singing in my sleep. This woke him up and he was listening. Every time he faced me my vocalization stopped. Every time he turned away he could hear me again but couldn't make any details out. When I woke up he could tell something was wrong. Shortly after I rolled over, he rolled over to hold me (I was asleep again). He put his hand on leg and freaked out. My body was covered in large goosebumps. He said it felt like touching a porcupine. I said it didn't surprise me..that sums up what I was experiencing.

This type of encounter with the Unseen is not uncommon for me. It's not a weekly or even monthly occurrence but it's happened enough over the years that I am fully familiar with it. It does not always make itself known in the same way (...curious phrasing there...it struck me when I wrote it) but it is almost always Unseen. An intense feeling overcomes me, my heart races, and I'm afraid. I have some sense of relief that this time I did not hesitate or cower but I am unable to get it out of my mind.

Does anyone having insight or thoughts about this? I've tried researching (today and in the past) but have yet to come across anything that strikes me as helpful.

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