My crush had a picture of me

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My crush had a picture of me

Postby helloworld » 07 Mar 2018 17:25

Hi. Recently I started dreaming a lot of dreams connected with photos and photography. In most of them I am the photographer but yesterday I had a weird really nice dream but I couldn't find the meaning. So I have one boy who I really love and he is my classmate. My dream was that we were in school and I went to him to tell him something and he showed me his phone.On the wallpaper there was my picture and I felt really emotional. I told him to go out of the room because I really wanted to hug him. I really hope that this dream indicates that we gonna get together.Also another cool dream with him was before like 2 days when I was bathing with him in a waterfall. I checked the meaning and it was written that we will love each other and gonna be happy togehter.
please help me understand the dream with the picture.

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