Hello, Hola, Aloha

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Hello, Hola, Aloha

Postby StrangeLover » 10 Mar 2018 09:02

When I was a child I somehow taught myself to lucid dream. I would think of certain things and then I'd dream of it, almost every time. As I got older, I started to think that people were coming to me with their dreams. I'm pretty sure those of you that Dream Walk know how you know it's not yours. That viewing it as if you're watching TV but there's no screen. They would come to me with nightmares, and after a couple of times, I would help them avoid the part where they died. I would save them, help them avoid losing a limb, whatever it was that their nightmare consisted of. The thing is, often I would dismiss it as my own dreams. I was raised Catholic so to admit I had abilities or that people were coming to me in my dreams for help meant I was going to hell. Then I just knew they were others dreams. But I would wake up when they would. So I decided the next time I saw the dream start and I knew her body was going to get chopped in half by the cargo elevator, I was going to help! No one should have a nightmare and if I could really do it, I should help! So the nightmare came again. This time I ran to the platform, got on from the side and pulled her up onto the platform. I think I did this at least twice. The number of times just gets lost in my memory. Then the nightmares went away. Until one night she reached out again. I said to her, "No. You know how to fix this." I felt a sense of yes, I do and woke up. I was never pull into that dream again.

Then a couple of nights before Heath Ledger died, I had these really messed up dreams I couldn't make head nor tails of. I kept waking up knowing they weren't my dreams. The thing about random people coming to me was I never know who it is. The second time I tried to stay asleep and help the person, but they woke up. I was bound and determined to help this poor soul. They were being tortured by their sleep and they weren't getting much of it. Whomever it was. Then the morning of Heath Ledger's death. I was sitting on an ottoman and without thought, "So it was you." flew out of my mouth. I believe he had turned to me for help. He was reaching out to anyone at that time trying to regain control of his mind again and he died. That would have been a very hard thing to do. Help someone who only slept two hours a night and had the Joker going through his head. That day, I vowed to help every person who comes to me for help. I don't remember helping anyone since then. Which from experience is unheard of. But I think saying that I'm going to help was giving permission to my guides whom have taken that as a blank invitation for helping others.

So, that's my history. At least dream wise.

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