Hello ! Are you real ?

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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Hello ! Are you real ?

Postby heloise » 10 Mar 2018 09:56

Hi everyone !
You know this feeling when you have been wanted to do something for a long time but didn't take the time to do it?
Well for my part this was to google "Lucid Dreaming forum" and actually join a forum like this one !

My name is Heloise, I have been a lucid dreamer since I remember myself, never thought it was a big deal for years.
From the first dreams (around 5/6 years old) until early puberty, all I did was to fly around and eat everything I could imagine.
So yeah, quite simple pleasures of life :D . My usual reality check was to jump from my home's balcony and try to fly from it, but by chance I had this weird idea only when in a dream so you could call it a "confirmation".
From around 11 years old I used LD to experience teenagers stuff, kisses and so, it was kind of a safe place to get self confidence.
But most of the time I couldn't control anything... Later on I understood because I tried to hard and my subconscious didn't appreciate.
From around 16/17 I tried to get into OBE, with few strange results but no really successes. I panicked everytime I got close to something so I stopped trying. This is also the period when I got sleep paralysis experiences and day hallucinations/flashes.
Then from 18 years old, I started to test more the LD possibilities in term of subconscious communication, dream control and levels of lucidity.
During my studies, because of the constant stress, I didn't get a lot of LD, but now I have several per week which is amazing !
Now, what I like to do is to talk to dream characters and ask them about how they feel to be only dream characters (the answers are mindblowing usually), appreciate the beautiful landscapes my subconscious creates, ask questions about myself, and sing a lot (but never remembering the beautiful songs I spontaneously make :cry: ).
Recently I met someone that take LD very seriously and he started to give me tasks, some things to do or ask in LD, and now I understand how little I know about this world and how much there is to discover.

Very happy to meet you guys !

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Re: Hello ! Are you real ?

Postby Gleeman » 18 Mar 2018 07:39

Wow you are much further along than me in this. But I still can relate to a lot of what you said. I think I'm real? These days I'm leaning more towards me being poorly constructed AI though lol

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