Epic dream about being in a teen mafia

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Epic dream about being in a teen mafia

Postby CatDreamer22 » 11 Mar 2018 09:23

This was a really long and epic dream, and some parts may be a little weird. but the cool part was, was that I felt like I was in this dream for DAYS. (Note, some of this was changed and modified to make the story more epic and didn't actually happen in my dream.) Anyway, here's how it starts:

I am at school and everything seems to be quite normal. Then all of a sudden, I get a message on my phone saying I am invited to a party a few blocks from my house. I feel things are a bit suspicious, but I decide to check it out. I go and walk with my brother and my friend to the party. On the way, a girl walking with her friends waves and says "hi" to me. So I do the same. I assumed she was also going to the same party as we were, and I was correct. We arrive and we have an average time there. We eat lots of snacks and hang out with friends, and I even got to become friends with that girl I saw. Once everyone leaves including her, I see someone give a key to the girl. I start to get really suspicious. Then out of nowhere, cops crash through the windows and arrest me, my brother, and, my friend and we are all driven to the station for interrogation. (Lol, that rhymes.) One cop then begins to speak to us. "Were you 3 those kids who broke into the skyscraper?," he asks in an angry voice. "A skyscraper?," I reply very frightened. "YES A SKYSCRAPER! Don't play dumb, I see you leather jacket teens always committing crimes in this city." I then realize I am wearing my leather jacket.. oops. We keep on trying to tell the cop that we had nothing to do with it, but then he says. "Ok, you know what? I'm getting the special agent to deal with you 3." He then leaves and we are left alone for 2 minutes inside of the room. Then, I hear the door unlock, and that girl and the other guy were there with the key. The boy unties us, and says, "Alright, lets get you out here, we don't want those agents coming." I ask, "Who are you?" In an odd voice. He replies, "I am Connor, Leader of the P.E.D, which stands for Prepare, Execute, and Destroy. We put that destroy part in the back just so it would sound cool." I try asking for the girl's name too but she says nothing. Connor then tells me, "Come on, i'll explain everything later, lets just get out of here." Once we got out, we go sit down at a table outside. I see two other kids with them. "Ok, So we are all apart of a mafia, we steal and take what we want, mostly because we are poor and need money." he says. "So, are we allowed in?" My brother asks curiously. "Of course, why else would I save you?" Replied Connor. "Who are those other agents, and why wouldn't that other one give me her name?" I asked, very perplexed."These two are Lela and Kate, and the other, we don't speak her name because she is ashamed of it." Said Connor. "Her name is Bohdi, but she hates it, so just don't say it ok? She has already had a really tough life of hateful parents, no friends, and poverty." "Ok, I won't say it." I said grimly. After 2 days of being with the P.E.D, Me and my brother are told of our first mission. "You are to break into the DVD store and take 6 DVD's, no more than that, understand?" Connor tells us. "Ok!" me and my brother both shout at the same time. Once in the store, I see my brother snag the 6 DVDs and put them in his bag, then I hear the owner wake up, and I am freaking out because he has a giant rifle at his hand. I run out of the store and my brother, once realizing that the man had a gun, ran out too, DVDless. Once at our base, which is an apartment building. I am blamed for the failure of the mission. Bohdi then comes to me and says "Wow, what a great job on that mission, I LOVE the DVDs you got us." She says extremely sarcastically. "Hey, I tried ok? He had a gun, so we had to get out." I said slightly upset with myself. "You had guns too stupid, you could have just attacked him and ran with the DVDs. Don't you know anything?" The insults kept coming. Then I told her, "You know, I used to think you were cool, but now you're just acting like a complete jerk." "Hahah! your first mission and you failed. What a loser, I can't think of anyone more stupid than you." She says with a snarky expression on her face. Now I am angry. I then yell, "YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS STUPUD? THE FACT THAT YOUR NAME IS BOHDI! WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!." I shout furiously. She then gives me a hurt look and runs away crying. At first I remain angry, but then I start to feel bad. "Great job, I told you not to say that!" Connor says angry at me. That night I went to sleep very upset with what I have done. In the morning, I am immedietly woken up by Lela, she says that Connor, My Brother, and Bohdi were kidnapped by the rival gang, called Venom, and their vicious leader, Scar. I didn't quite understand what she was talking about, but I knew it was bad. We both grabbed our shot guns and ran out the door as fast as we could. Once we arrive in the gangs territory, I see multiple aggressive guys with tattoos and pistols at hand. Then I see our 3 fellow agents tied up to a wall and faced at gunpoint. Scar then laughs like an evil warlock. "At long last I have the P.E.D leader and their agents right where I want them, I have been long awaiting the day to end this gang once and for all!" "Who are you?! and what are you doing with our friends!?" I shout with strong emotion. "I am Scar, leader of Venom, the strongest gang alive! And I am here to end your gang and kill off all competition!" He snarls full of evil in his voice."But, you know, since you seem too pathetic for all of this, I suppose i'll make a deal with you. Defeat me in a motor cycle race, and your friends will survive, but if you lose, i'll kill all 5 of you and take away your precious base!""Fine! it's a deal." I told Scar. We then get on our motor cycles. My edgy one has neon green flames and a black luster, Scar's is all gray and blood stained. We then begin the race around the city. I ride fast with all of my speed, and so does he. We drive through the park, and the subway. We are both neck and neck for most of the race and we constantly set traps for each other such as, spikes, and grease. Then, Scar crashes into a tree and I made it past the finish line first. "All right! We won! P.E.D will live on!" I shouted in victory. Lela then proceeds to untie our agents. "NO! THIS CAN'T HAPPEN!! KILL THEM ALL!!" Scar shouts blood faced and full of rage. "Nope, I don't think so!" said Connor. He pulls out a machine gun and then they all run away like cowards. "You saved our lives! This certainly makes up for the DVD incident." Connor says proudly. "Yeah great job! Scar surely won't be back for us anytime soon after what you just did to him!" Said my brother. I then apologize to Bohdi for being extremely mean, and so does she. Then we all go back to P.E.D base and tell the other agents what happened. This concludes the mafia dream, definitely the longest dream I have ever had. I hope you all enjoyed reading this, and please comment to tell me what you think!

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