First ever lucid dream - completely spontaneous (never tried to get one) - wanted to share.

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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First ever lucid dream - completely spontaneous (never tried to get one) - wanted to share.

Postby tehrealfake » 13 Mar 2018 19:11

Hi guys - I'm 18 yo male in the UK, I know of lucid dreaming but never aspired to get one in the past or made any efforts to. This morning I had two consecutive lucid experiences. I think the first was cooler but the second was interesting too. Thought I'd write down my recollection of what happened so I don't forget - I think I'm generally pretty bad at recalling dreams - honestly I probably only have a slightly memorable dream like once every few weeks - and long term I pretty much forget them all - most days I wake up with a blank memory. So looked for a forum to share it for fun - it's a bit rambling but I pretty much just jotted everything I can remember in as close to chronological order as I could piece together.
. It was at about 8:30 in the morning when I went to sleep – I had just had 7 hours sleep after being somewhat active and tired for a few days due to work and a night out. Called in sick to college and went to sleep intentionally. Can’t really remember the order of the lucid dreams, but I’m fairly confident I first remember being in the back of a car – a man and a woman in the front. I asked where I was and who they were and I thought the last thing I remembered was being in bed. They showed me a bag of cocaine and explained they were police – but weren’t dressed as such. They thought I had done some sort of wrongdoing but I remembered nothing except just being in bed. They pulled up to a police station and were adamant I was guilty and didn’t believe my account.

I was very emotional and scared of going to jail. I think it was at this point that I began to think it was a dream – I pinched and slapped myself in the face and felt no pain. To which I was able to deduce I was dreaming – as soon as I said “this is a dream,” an almost wave of realization came over me and I can’t really describe the following feeling except to say everything just felt different – like totally new ground. I think at this point I recall having some level of control over the rules of the world – although I didn’t experiment with it much – the environment was still very vague in my memory – I do remember taking flight along a train track which ran next to the police station. I flew to a quaint very colourful almost fantasy like German town which I was familiar with – probably from a dream I can’t remember – at this point I noticed a distinct lack of detail in other people in this town – not to a creepy level but just as though they were distinctly creations of a dream and didn’t feel like fully complex people. At this point I consciously decided I wanted to wake up as I still felt a bit traumatised / the need to escape from the world in which I almost got arrested, and I did – it was about 10:30.

I then went back to sleep shortly after – I was distinctly awake for a brief period but didn’t get up nor was I very alert. In this next dream I was in an airport – for reasons I was familiar with but now can’t recall – probably from another non-lucid dream I had where I remember needing to travel to another country to be with a girl. For some reason I was hiring a taxi driver inside an airport – before going on my flight. This situation makes no sense but it was happening – also I should mention this part of the dream was non-lucid. The taxi driver apparently had a little meter that he used as I followed him around the airport on foot (ludicrous I know) – supposedly this was part of his service and when I realized I was being charged for walking around an airport with a taxi driver- who I wanted to book for when I got home (again makes no sense,) I explained to him I wouldn’t pay for walking around and got into an argument with him. I then bailed on my fare – but the taxi driver kept trying to inform airport officials that my passport was invalid and that I wasn’t who I said I was – because my hair looked different in the photo. I was delayed by security and worried that I would miss my flight – but eventually made it to the bus waiting area to get on the plane, where other passengers were waiting. After this my recollection is hazy but I remember realizing I was in a dream again and wanting to wake up. I didn’t know how to go about this – so I tried shouting for someone to “please wake me up,” inside the dream – and doing things like clapping in the hopes that my sleeping self would repeat these actions and someone in my house would hear and come wake me up – no one did and I kept doing this for a while but eventually woke up at about 15:00 (I was probably a full night of sleep behind from the past days all told.)

All told it was pretty remarkable - especially that initial feeling like a shock wave of revelation that I was dreaming was indescribable and definitely the highlight of the experience. Also flying was pretty cool come to think of it, even though at the time I didn't really think "wonder if i can fly?" I just instinctively knew I could, because I was dreaming, and did it.

Overall I know there's a big following of people who want to actively try to get lucid dreams - and with my lifestyle of pub work and early rises the conditioning required to do it consistently is probs too much effort for me - but glad I had one this once and best of luck to people who want to experience this :D

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Re: First ever lucid dream - completely spontaneous (never tried to get one) - wanted to share.

Postby LDer Charles » 30 Mar 2018 13:35

Thanks for sharing! If you have any mornings you can sleep in, you might be able to utilize cycle adjustment technique. The mornings you can sleep in, you get "REM Rebound". Then you are more likely to get a lucid dream.
Here is a link to my dream journal if you want to know what I am up to in the dream world! :)

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