Going to space and a mysterious figure watches me.

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Going to space and a mysterious figure watches me.

Postby 4 Hearts » 15 Mar 2018 16:20

You never really remember how a dream starts so I can't tell you how mine did but I will tell you this I won't forget mine. It began once I happened to realize I was a dreaming I shrugged at it saying "another LD nice" then automatically I looked at the horizon and said "might as well fly" looked up saw the sky and wondered that I've never gone to space in my dreams puzzled, curiosity filled my mind as I ventured rapidly into space passing by the atmosphere like a rocket and reaching it. Reaching my destination I saw people a lot of people flying with me in space as if this was a park in the afternoon, confused I asked myself "why are there people here" I readied and flew to them and they wanted to play a game I play for a while but can't help but feel that something is off as if intuitively I should stop and look for something.

Once the game is done and the bizarreness of it wears off I catch a glimpse of an observer in the middle of space, just watching me and I looked back at it. Suddenly only the two of us were there but he was very far away. It seemed to just be casually observing me yet surprised that I noticed him. I didn't feel threatened or welcomed by my mysterious space person it was mostly neutral the best way to describe the encounter was "you aren't suppose to be here but now that you are what are you going to do" We really didn't interact besides staring but I get this feeling that something else was suppose to happen. I left space and I ended with a good friend of mine fighting off some monster.

After this I woke disoriented but with a fresh memory it was by far my most vivid LD and I am missing details that I didn't post because I can't remember them correctly but all in all I want answers I want to learn how to LD better to talk to this space person ask "what are you and why where there people in dream space".

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