Looking for feeback on Android Dream Journal App

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Looking for feeback on Android Dream Journal App

Postby number9dream » 21 Mar 2018 02:29

Hey everyone,

Being an avid lucid dreamer for many years, I created a dream journal app for Android a little over a year ago and would love to hear if the community has good suggestions or feedback for the app! You can find it by searching for "Somnio" in the Play Store. It's completely free, with no advertising, and I just made an update recently that included the ability to use your fingerprint to secure access :D


I didn't like the current, overly complex state of other dream journals, so I focused on a few features to help with my lucid dreaming:
- Tags sort dreams into easily viewable categories e.g Lucid/Non-Lucid
- Automatically detected Hashtags allow linking of topics
- Daily dream reminder to remind you to log your dream

Features I'm thinking of introducing if enough demand:
- Tag frequency and dream frequency graphs
- Additional reminders/reality checks that can be planned throughout the day

Looking forward to hear any thoughts or feedback you have! :)

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Re: Looking for feeback on Android Dream Journal App

Postby starsofclay » 26 Apr 2018 23:51

Wow this is great, I will be using this for sure!

Couple of suggestions/requests:

Is there a way to add a voice memo button in case we don't want to type? Or a button that automatically does speech to text without manually doing it through keyboard?

I think push notifications that not only remind you to do reality checks, but actually is a reminder check in itself would be amazing... I'm other words you see the notification and then check reality, as opposed to it only reminding you to do your daily checks. Perhaps something customizable to get as many notifications as you want per day

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