I had many lucid dreams but the quality sucks!

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I had many lucid dreams but the quality sucks!

Postby tuanbuffalo » 29 Mar 2018 07:56

Hi there. So as a HSP person I dream a lot! I remember 3-4 dreams every night and I even remember several dreams from childhood till now (37yo).

My non lucid dream are very vivid! I've been lucid many times but I always face the same issues. They are blurry, very short and I always wake up.

Now I tried the most used tricks like rubbing your hands, spinning around, saying commandos but none of them work for me. I also don't get anxious as I had so many already so that ain't the problem either.

Basically when I'm lucid my mind doesn't listen to me at all >< I had dreams where I was alone and asked for people to show up, nothing! Last night I was semi lucid and could jump very high but at one point it didn't work anymore no matter how hard I try.

Same story with OBE very blurry and short.

I don't have a method as it comes naturally to me if it happens but I tried the WILD technique but I get scared because once the heart and breathing goes very slow my body paralysis and that tipping point feeling comes I chicken out because it feels like I am going to die.

Anyone had similar problems and conquered it?

It's very frustrating when you read some amazing stories but just can't get to that point.

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Re: I had many lucid dreams but the quality sucks!

Postby FreeFaller » 30 Mar 2018 03:22

I would try looking into mantras. My LD's usually come from self-hypnosis.

Or next time you go lucid, ask the dreamscape to take you to what's blocking the vibrance of your LD's. It might be a block.

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Re: I had many lucid dreams but the quality sucks!

Postby LDer Charles » 11 Apr 2018 17:27

Hi tuanbuffalo! I was just thinking the same thing recently. I get lucid fairly often but It seems to end before I can really get anywhere. It can be a real frustration. I don't really have any answers with regards to this. Sometimes I get lucky and have a little extra lucid time. A few of my LD's have been to the point where I was ready to wake up by then. But a high % of my LD count are just those little "blips".

Well... I would say just try to have faith that eventually, this problem will be rectified.

One good affirmation (I heard this first from Tipharot) was "My lucid dreams last long and remain stable". Maybe I will work this in a little bit, if I think of it.

Trying to appreciate the dream recall ability or just the fact that you dream at all could help too. Once in a while I do this but I can't always force myself to be positive when I'm not.
Here is a link to my dream journal if you want to know what I am up to in the dream world! :)

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