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Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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Dexter’s Disturbing Lab

Postby StubbledEmu » 29 Mar 2018 13:39

Another dream I had when I was a youngin’. When I was about 5, my family met my mother’s sister and her children(my cousins) at a cabin in Pennsylvania. I don’t remember if it was their house or a place we were just staying at. At some point during the visit, I had a dream where I was watching Dexter’s lab on TV in the upstairs bedroom(where we all were sleeping). The bunk beds were to my right and I remember the TV either being mounted on a pillar or on a table right behind the top of the bunk bed my cousins were sleeping in(most likely the former). The room also seemed a lot longer than I remember with the back wall pushed about 6 ft. Anyways, I was watching it when a piñata or pony creature appeared on the screen who I believe is an imaginary friend Dee Dee had. I then got transported into the setting(a weird rainbow planet) as the pony chased me. Oh yeah, it was also about two stories tall when it chased me. This could be a dream, or an imagination due to being so young. Give me your thoughts(and get out of my lab!).

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Re: Dexter’s Disturbing Lab

Postby DAYZMOND » 30 Mar 2018 00:46

Hey. My name is dayzmond. I'm a YouTuber in Charlotte North Carolina (A whole nine subscribers) And I want to start creating a research project with lucid dreaming

and I've been lucid dreaming for 2 years. I'm not
very great but I am dood And it's only because I apply modern science
towards my goal of achieving lucidity.

I've created this account because I
am in search of 7 semi-skilled/ novice lucid dreamers to help me in a personal
research project that would eventually be used four years from now in my
graduate project. In this research group. Eight lucid dreamers, myself
included, will dedicate to understanding one thing: how to achieve lucidity
every night.

I intend for the group to use the forum of a bi weekly or bi
monthly basis. To keep Incontact and create the entire holy grail of lucid
dreaming. I want to explore deeper from what is already know about the
dreaming world and to evaluate and do the impossible. Lucid dream every
night effortlessly. I know I sound like a crazy man but all things start

And I just need a group of people to help me get started. It wouldn't be intense and is a huge work in progress but all people are welcome because I want this to eventually impact the entire world for the better I know it's crazy but lucid dreaming is a scientific phenomenon.

Please let me know how you feel and. If you love the idea please spread the word
"its the people that are crazy enough to think they can change the world that actually do."
Want to join a lucid dream/ intention experiment? Want to be apart of something bigger than yourself? message me! :D
ONWARD! into the dream world.

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