Lucid Dream or not?

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Lucid Dream or not?

Postby Sky » 05 Aug 2012 21:01

There are two dreams tittle says it all.

1st Dream: Was in a Muslim populated area I was with my big sister at the time in a store then she turned into some old man with a turban. And told me not to tell anyone then after awhile my childhood friends older sister was giving the turban man a ride on a bike so I went out side and stopped and thought to my self wait... isn't right this is my house and area but different and thought I'm dreaming? But something quickly denied it and I moved on. Later there was this hill with mist I had to pass by I went into it one girl then fell I quickly caught her but lost my footing and fell taking others down with me. We brushed it off and continued we then got into a town filled with people I met a familiar lady I felt I met her before I saw the girl with the bike then go into this build through a hole but it quickly closes. The lady then showed me how to open it "you bang the top then pull" but was still to fast for me so i went around and droped my bike. When i walked around i looked back and see several people holding my bike up taking it away i confront them and all but one runs away we argued it was a girl my size for some reason we found we were the same age and stopped fighting.

2: It was morning I was in a city right at the start I knew it was a dream so I said to my self I could fly so when concentrating i began to float up higher and stopped my self then flew faster then landed. I then asked for my guide to help me told them I'm now aware she answers a dark skin girl with light brown hair and dark brown eyes was a hologram showing from the waist up. She answers "Its about time I called you like 58 times" me "Sorry". While talking to her i see these two males walking up to me she told me there names but I forgot them we talked I was handed a manual about this. They were showing me around the area and somehow we ending up near my house a couple blocks away and it was dark we then hanged out on a stair cased area. I was given a starter pack with items I look at the other side of the street only to see a friend of mine with another group of people I don't know why but I could not get it out of my head. Then there was a police officer with a flash light checking the area my friend and her group was gone then the guys were talking about some portal and another world that they need to take me to but before that I woke up.

Well that was weird I stopped writing down my dreams for awhile but this one I had to and I will push to write more down and not be lazy

August 4,2012

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Re: Lucid Dream or not?

Postby James » 10 Aug 2012 00:12

2: It was morning I was in a city right at the start I knew it was a dream

That means you were lding, im too tired to understand the first one sorry, but if you knew u were dreaming in the dream, its lucid

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