¿Psycho Mantis?

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¿Psycho Mantis?

Postby StubbledEmu » 30 Mar 2018 15:43

Huh? Just last night(posting this in morn) I had a dream where I was going through an abandoned warehouse and then everything started to get all weird and wibbley and I looked ahead and there was Psycho Mantis floating above the ground and saying in this weird high-pitched voice “what’re you gonna do now?” I then thought that I was dreaming and I looked at my hands going to do the finger thing and when I did my palm stretched and it was weird(I could feel it). When I realized this, I pointed at Psycho Mantis and he got trapped in a prism(like Cpt Zod). The warehouse then folded in on itself into a flat sheet(I don’t know where Psycho Mantis went) and it quickly jolted up as I flew into Mars. When I got there, palm trees were around, and then I just said to myself “this is creepy” and I woke up. I was reluctant to post it here because while I did have control over imprisoning Psycho Mantis(huh), I still felt like I was guided in some way. But what I’m really happy about is that one of my goals(that I just posted yesterday) was achieved! I guess sometimes the randomness of lucid dreaming is not so random. Just thought I’d share a very cool experience.

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