failure to launch

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failure to launch

Postby ranbowsprinkls » 31 Mar 2018 01:00

Hi all,
I stumbled across lucid dreaming maybe 6months - 1 year ago & realized I've done this naturally throughout my life. However I mostly used it to get out of nightmares & would otherwise passively watch my dreams go by, remember them in the morning but not understand them. Since reading about lucidity I've been trying & mostly failing to take control of non frightening dreams, only successful with DILD about once, WILD about once & OBE once.

Lately I've been really frustrated trying so hard to do the WILD that I end up sleeping in for HOURS! :cry:
I very naturally wake up in mind before body & am totally comfortable with sleep paralysis but I end up either falling back asleep (it feels like a deep sleep where I dont remember my dreams & often end up forgetting my previous dreams) or just waiting for something that never comes, I watch the blobs behind the eyes, give into or listen to whatever sounds, I've tried meditating & imagination - I fear Im practicing wrong & am wasting SO much time.

Today was my day off, I slept through it. Doing nothing.

Any ideas as to why its taking me +6 moths to or troubleshooting appreciated
Suggestions for further reading or technique redirection ?

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