failure to launch

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failure to launch

Postby ranbowsprinkls » 31 Mar 2018 01:00

Hi all,
I stumbled across lucid dreaming maybe 6months - 1 year ago & realized I've done this naturally throughout my life. However I mostly used it to get out of nightmares & would otherwise passively watch my dreams go by, remember them in the morning but not understand them. Since reading about lucidity I've been trying & mostly failing to take control of non frightening dreams, only successful with DILD about once, WILD about once & OBE once.

Lately I've been really frustrated trying so hard to do the WILD that I end up sleeping in for HOURS! :cry:
I very naturally wake up in mind before body & am totally comfortable with sleep paralysis but I end up either falling back asleep (it feels like a deep sleep where I dont remember my dreams & often end up forgetting my previous dreams) or just waiting for something that never comes, I watch the blobs behind the eyes, give into or listen to whatever sounds, I've tried meditating & imagination - I fear Im practicing wrong & am wasting SO much time.

Today was my day off, I slept through it. Doing nothing.

Any ideas as to why its taking me +6 moths to or troubleshooting appreciated
Suggestions for further reading or technique redirection ?

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Re: failure to launch

Postby DAYZMOND » 31 Mar 2018 15:47

wassup my name is dayzmond and im a fellow lucid dreamer, likewise you, and i may be able to help you with some problems you have:

1. your conscious mind does not remember what it feels like to be aware in a dream, and simplying recalling and writing dreams down will help you train your subconscious to view dreams as an important message: increasing dream recall and creating healthy habits

2. hypnagogic images, the senstation beofre falliong asllep, and is typically know as the little dots you see behind your eyelids as you begin to drift into deep sleep (these little dots can be manipulated into a full dream scene with enough practice and patience). this state of mind tends to lead towards R.E.M sleep, but can be a perfect gateway into a lucid dream. sleep paralysis can either be your master or slave depending on your level of patience. with enough patience sleep paralysis can be used to trigger hypnagogic images, these mental images can be manpulated by visualizing an image and focusing on said image, that focused image can now become a full drema scene as long as you stay patience and maintain awareness.
{ lay in bed planning to fall asleep- if sleep paralysis is frequent, even better!-
{ try to minimize movement when in bed in order to trick your brain into thinking your body has fallen asleep
{ keep waiting and maintain awareness as you wait for tiny dots/ images to appear
{ once these hypnagogic images appear, and you will know when they do, try to manipulate them into an image with positive connotation that will not make you excited ;)
{if done successfully this can induce a perfect ludic dream but requires practice

3. finally, try to get you hands on some vitamin B supplements, if supplements are not your cup off tea i recommend finding any natural form of vitamin B ( increases the neurotransmitters in your brain= more dream recall, deeper sleep, easier to maintain awareness during sleep)

honestly tho, research hypnagogic images and supplements you can take. if any more questions feel free to reply as much as you like.

happy dreaming!
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