dream log 3/31

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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dream log 3/31

Postby mreyes84 » 31 Mar 2018 22:43

Ok, I recall two dreams from last night. In the first I saw a huge black dog. It resembled a rottweiler, except it was abnormally huge. Not tall, but huge, built, and it looked quite savage. I looked upon it with hatred because it had a small animal pinned down(perhaps a cat, but also likely any other small animal. I saw it from a distance so I'm not entirely certain.) Anyhow, the dog kills the animal by consuming its head. After taking the small animal's head it comes towards me. I fear it, but deduce that I gain nothing from escaping such a beast so I observe. It seems menacing, it snarls, but other than that it doesn't threaten me. Upon turning I realize I am with my younger brother(12 year younger than me). At this point I panic since I am no longer alone in this situation. Surprisingly however, my younger brother attempts to befriend the dog. He exercises a caution which is really familiar to me from my own childhood. He figures that if our doom is certain by fighting or fleeing from this beast than we should at least deduce its intention. And surprisingly, the dog rolls over, perhaps expecting us to rub its belly? As we do so, I can't help but feel terrible that this dog which I had just seen steal the life of another so casually is so willing to befriend us.
In the other dream I am in a lounge at my university. I don't remember what was said, but I was able to connect with a girl there(which in itself is quite a feat). We had a casual conversation, whatever it was and we I felt a strong sense of empathy(we both connected somehow). Anyhow, at some point I become uncomfortable and dismiss myself, but then as I do so I immediately regret doing so. I thought to myself somewhere along the lines of, "you just connected with someone and you dont even know who they are. Are you really satisfied with leaving so abruptly?" So I stood for a second, let the guilt rage in my gut for a bit and turned back and asked for her name. To my surprise she bacame hostile when I asked her name. Something along the lines of "wasnt the conversation we had enough for you? what ulterior motive do you have for asking?" (this is important because this was the reason why I hesitated asking in the first place, I was originally planning to just desert the situation). I answered somewhere along the lines of "this is a new experience, it merits a/your name" Her expression softened and she told me her name(whatever it was).
The first dream is really important to me because of the feeling of desperation it conveyed and the unexpected ending. Also, while my younger brother looked very much like my actual brother his personality and actions weren't his at all. It reminded me of when I was younger.
The second catches my attention because of the initial experience of being able to share anything with anyone, an uncomfortable decision I had to make, and again... what was to me an unexpected ending. I remember being able to make a hard decision like this once in a dream...the first time I recall a semi-lucid dream. In that dream I pondered whether I should hide from my deceased father or embrace my feelings and show my affections towards him. I was not rejected in either. What I felt was the same, but the reaction I got was different. My father was sad because I didn't trust him enough to open up. The girl was initially angry upon my hesitation. The beginning and end are almost the same however.

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