My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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Chapter 70

Achievement of preaching power

319). 29th September, 1978. Friday.
In reality my elder brother’s brother-in-law named Ashok went to bed in my same room to night.
Early morning I had a dream: I was explaining to him that, till to day it was the impression of human being that God becomes man, but here in Jibankrishna’s era we have come to know with experience that man becomes God’.
Then I continued to explain to him how a man is transformed into Godhood. At that time I was feeling an immense joy and he was also listening ith a great interest. Here the dream was off.

[The dream indicates that in reality when the seer speaks something about God to anybody he will listen without any opposition. This was also the forecast of Jibankrishna in reality .But still these attributes do not impress the mind of the seer as he always looks for new thing .]

Indication of other’s spiritual condition

320). 2nd October, 1978. Monday .
Early morning dream: Mr. Abala Kanta Dutta, a Jibankrishna devotee was going to Ganges for bath but without any hair oil. So he said to me to buy the oil from the nearby shop. While talking to him I noticed that he was looking very pale and black and the face seemed to be a bit different look. While asked, he said something. Then I went to the shop for collecting the oil unwillingly as I was not wanting to collect the oil without money and so I stood there silently. Meanwhile Mr. Dutta collected oil from that shop and said, ‘I have got the oil’. Saying this he went for bath to the Ganges and dream went off .

[The dream revealed the mental condition of Mr. Dutta and in reality he was suffering from mental depression. There is indication that he will recover from it and really he recovered within a few days.]

Increase of brain power in accompaniment
with a large number of devotees

321). Third week of October, 1978.
Early morning dream: A large number of devotees had gathered in a place and I was also present there. Reading of Kathamrita, spiritual discussions were going on and in this way We were spending day by day. Here the dream went off.

[In a dream Jibankrishna said to the seer, ‘The more you will accompany devotees, the more you will be benefited and the effect of dreams will be bestowed on you. Frequent accompaniment with devotees in dreams indicates that the spiritual brain power of the seer is continuing to increase.]

Increase of brain power in accompaniment with devotees

322). 27th October, 1978 .
Early morning dream: To-day also I saw myself with a large number of devotees gathered in a house. Reading and spiritual conversation were going on .
Everybody was in a delightful condition and in peace. Even after waking up this condition persisted throughout the day.
The indication is there again to show the increase of spiritual brain power of the seer.

Accompaniment of the Holy Ghost

323). 2nd November, 1978. Thursday, Place : Makardah, Howrah.
Early morning dream: I saw myself in my own residence . There was another building beside my esidence where Sri Dwijendranath Roy, a senior devotee and his elder cousine brother’s wife (Both residing at Ghatshila of Bihar state in reality) reside, though in reality she expired. All these were happening in a different place. Jibankrishna had come to Mr. Roy and would stay for some days.
It seemed to me as if this was the ressurection of Jibankrishna, that meant he had come to a second phase life after his physical death. This incident was experienced by me in many of his previous dreams, but everything was seeming to me quite natural and I had no hastiness to go to Jibankrishna as because it was noontime when I got the news and this was Jibankrishna resting time. So I thought that I should go after his resting time. Meanwhile I met Dilip Mitra, a devotee who also seemed to go to Jibankrishna. A sense of hilarity was playing in my mind and with this hilarity I awoke.

[Such frequent companion with God-the-Preceptor as well as his devotees in dream increases the spiritual brain capacity for further superior realizations.
In recent times I was passing through a peculiar condition i.e, a constant automatic recitation was contining within my body and that was ‘Dharma-O-anubhuti’ (The Bengali book written by Jibankrishna on the basis of his realizations). Long time ago the recitation of ‘Bhayawan’(God), thereafter the name of ‘Jibankrishna’ changing to ‘Manus’(Man) and then only ‘Jiban’ used to be uttered spontaneously within the body in different phases .Now all these are vanished leaving with only ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’.
This condition passed away after four days while narrating to Sri Dhiren Mondal , a devotee.
Another condition is now-a-days coming—a sense of great peace. a sense of hilarity which persist throughout the days along with a sense of merged life and death which cannot be expressed in language.
Long time back I had a dream where at the time of awakening, I was continuously uttering ‘life and death are same, there is no difference’. The effect thus has come down to my mind. This condition persisted for a week and then automatically vanished.]

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