Fild help reality check?

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Fild help reality check?

Postby Beginningdream » 14 Apr 2018 15:00

To start, I wasnt entirely sure where to put this so if i gets moved my apologies.

Lately ive been trying fild quite a lot and I feel like I never get it. Until recently when I realized that i havent done a single reality check since attempting it maybe 10+ times. I guess my reasoning is that when i do it it seems like nothing changes and im still lying in bed so i doesnt occur to me you might be dreaming do your reality check and because of that i simply fall back to being unconsious. Do you think ive experienced lucidity in the sense been in a dream cnsciously however just bot realized it because I felt no change??? Also i know that sounds wierd claiming im lucid yet by definition that not lucidity cause im not aware im dreaming but i have the same level of conscious as waking like and yeah i hope that makes sense.

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Re: Fild help reality check?

Postby LDer Charles » 18 Apr 2018 00:06

Hi Beginningdream! I sometimes have these dreams where it feels like I'm laying in my bed. But if I think about it, there are lights on, or other surroundings, that I could have stepped into if I had realized it. However, because I was laying in my bed, I didn't catch it.

After it happened lots of times I started to catch it more. Like it will be bright in my room, and I'll be like, "Wait, who could have turned the lights on?" And then realize its a dream. Or there will be a litle light poking from underneath my eye mask, but its light I know isn't there in the physical world.

It's hard for me to tell if you were dreaming at those times. But I'd say keep trying to describe the experience in as much detail as possible each time it happens. Eventually you will be able to tell which it is.
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