My first....well, not first, know

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My first....well, not first, know

Postby xtremetoxicguy » 06 Aug 2012 08:54

This is a crazy one...alright.

So I woke up on the original! Anyway, the waves were not moving (I have a pretty good dream recall) and the beach was white, like sugar...there was a dock and a boardwalk in the distance with a carnival, a ferris wheel and a roller coaster and all that jazz. I was with this little girl, but strangely, she had no pupils...O_O So then, the ferris wheel explodes dramatically, and it falls into the ocean. Bits and pieces fly everywhere, on the sand, some on fire. The sand began to sink me in, like quicksand, and I fall into this Minecraft cave...(played too many video games) it looks like a cave I made, with torches and LOTS of diamonds! :D I began to punch the diamonds, hoping it would work...but then I realized..."wait a minute, this is a computer game!" My hands looked like blocky hands, and vividness kicked in! I flew out of a hole in the ceiling, which led to outside, where it was all white. Then I placed a open to a city-type world to explore! I did, and when I opened the door, I stood in a park, with creepy blank faces...anyway, the city was almost just like New York, and it was awesome! I flew in air, like super-man! Hey, it's every kid's dream! I found a chocolate dark forest cake...yes, from Portal, lying on a rooftop, and i tasted like...nothing...weird. So then this is where everything turns bad. These two thugs appear, and have guns. I tell myself that I can stop them, but one punches me in the face, and when I flinched, I woke up. Oh well, but it lasted a while...and was a blast! :D

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