Always wake up after asking a question

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Always wake up after asking a question

Postby Highlander » 20 Apr 2018 19:07

Hi, guys.
I have a question for you with something i don't know if it happens to you also.

I often dream about family that passed away, which i guess many people do also. Some people say that it's our own minds projecting those people, some even might say that we're interacting with their spirit. I don't know. I have an open mind. But a thing i wanted to experiment is something that i read people did, which is asking the "dream character" to tell something that we don't know for we to validate in the real world. Som as i often dream with my deceased grandmother, i ask her to tell me something that only she and his daughter (my mother) knows. So i can then validate it with my mother.
The problem is that for the third time i ask this, when she is about to tell me something, i wake up suddenly. Firstly, i often wake up slowly from a dream, with the dream fading away, not suddenly with my heart beating fast. Secondly, i always wake up after asking that question. Why is that? Coincidence? Is my subconscious preventing me to know the answer?

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Re: Always wake up after asking a question

Postby starsofclay » 21 Apr 2018 13:35

So I'm definitely not an expert on this, but it could be a few different things,

first, it is possible that your subconscious (ego) is protecting you, or doesn't want to hear it because it could shake your foundation. Or it could be that you actually did hear the answer, but it was scrubbed from memory and you only think that you woke up suddenly with your heart beating fast.

unfortunately the title of your thread only reinforces the idea that this is going to happen in the future. So I would do some affirmations before sleep that go something like "I NEVER wake up after asking a question." Or "I never wake up until I have heard the answer." Or "I always remember the answers." Something like that, just play around with it.

You may also want to train your ego/subconscious that it is OK to hear things that it may not want to hear, so an affirmation like "I believe it's OK to hear things I may not want to hear" might help. If you don't like repeating mantras/affirmations, then record a 10 minute audio of your own voice saying these affirmations and listen to that before sleep. In the recording, you can mix up different phrases for a fuller effect.

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