Are dreams always based on truth or can they just be fears manifesting in our heads that we need to calm down?

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Are dreams always based on truth or can they just be fears manifesting in our heads that we need to calm down?

Postby Mw99 » 23 Apr 2018 13:17

So ever since I moved to a different city, I really haven’t wanted to make friends with anybody. I’ve been quite antisocial and very annoyed at my sort of new workplace(month and half) and I’ve been kind of expressive about it. I feel like they think that I’m annoyed for no reason and I’m just being a b**** for no reason(which there is a reason behind it). I’ve been really fearing they are starting to hate me and I can’t really turn around what they see in me. I don’t hate most the people there, just how it’s managed is really striking my nerves. Ive been having dreams for the past 4-5 days of me having a broken phone in my dreams and it really relates to the problem I’m fearing of. And Im wondering if dreams are all about truths or can be caused of what we just feel/fear as well. I’ve been known as the over thinker and think people think highly negative of me a lot. So I’m not sure if it’s my fears taking over my dreams or it’s actually what I’m facing with in real life. I feel that it may just be all in my head and I am just thinking about it too heavy that it’s actually starting to pop up in my dreams

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Re: Are dreams always based on truth or can they just be fears manifesting in our heads that we need to calm down?

Postby LDer Charles » 24 Apr 2018 00:08

Hi Mw99! Thanks for sharing. It sounds like moving to a new place to work has been a lot of stress. Also I know what its like to "go against the grain" and then be singled out or become a bit of a scape goat. That's been my role in many scenarios. It doesn't mean you're a bad person. In fact it can sometimes mean you are the healthiest one or the one who sees things the clearest. You might be a little "ahead of your time" in many ways (or they might be a little behind) and that is not a bad thing on your part. I usually have a lot of respect and admiration for someone who stands up for what is right. Unfortunately most people are more into the "status quo" and again that doesn't mean you're wrong for not being "status quo". You're probably helping a lot.

Are you asking if the dreams are telling you the future? Or if they are just reflecting your inner state? I think its probably more a reflection of your inner state. I know what its like to be in a big war with almost everyone and everything around me. In fact I am still in that boat in some situations. It doesn't mean we're the ones who are wrong. There could be a lot of people stuck in "the matrix". The majority isn't always right.

What are your fears? Probably every day is a fear if you feel this way about your work life, where you have to go to. You probably feel alone out there. I'm sorry to hear it. I think its important that you know that it doesn't mean you're the one whose wrong or a bad person.

Overall, do you think its a situation that's good for you in the long term? Or do you want to find a better place? Maybe your dreams are saying "Hey please get me out of here!" I'm sure that there is a better place out there for you if you wanted one. Sometimes when I can't beat 'em, and can't join 'em, I have to just walk away.
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