Is Share dreaming possible?

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Is Share dreaming possible?

Postby Mostafa1232 » 26 Apr 2018 14:53

Actually my first introducer of lucid dreaming was the movie inception :mrgreen: and evrything they say about lucid dreaming is wrote in here too but i can't find anything about share dreaming that they go into someone else's dream steal their idea and blah blah . :idea: i was wondering is it possible to go in someone else's dream or they come to yours :o

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Re: Is Share dreaming possible?

Postby goldenrose » 27 Apr 2018 14:40

Something like Inception isn't really possible, in my opinion, but I've had shared dreams. It's not a common thing (and Inception is a bit of a Hollywood version of lucid dreaming). There are a few threads on this forum about shared, or mutual, dreams with varying opinions, I'd recommend looking at those for more. :)

Edit: Here's one of the threads:
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Re: Is Share dreaming possible?

Postby lucidé » 30 Apr 2018 18:06

There was also a Spongebob Squarepants episode that had something similar to this. Spongebob somehow ended up dream spying AKA remote viewing through his lucid dream (which in this episode, it was a confirmed superpower just because if spying were a superpower, it has to have been used in a specific way to invade dreams). Through his dream spying ability, he was able to locate exactly where his friends were, and at least in this episode, find out if they were in REM sleep. If his friends were, then a dream portal would appear so he could then easily walk into their dreams.
But as far as that being a reality, I would say no. A few times I have mimicked the Spongebob episode in some of my lucid dreams with a few of my characters, which while just because I have a high luck ratio with lucid dreams, has gotten me a few dream meshing results (dream meshing is merely when another person dreaming and I end up having matching symbols and the actions of both our dreams match. Dream meshing is not the same as mutual dreaming and never will be.). Unfortunately the only way I'd see this happening even in such a movie as inception is your mind would have to be in a form of programming already/a ghost to do that. As of right now with our current technology, that is impossible. In fictional terms: If you invaded a person's mind without their permission, you greatly risk getting your conscious programming destroyed altogether (this was mentioned in an Ozzy and Drix episode, that if you enter a person's mind and die, you are deader than dead). Whether the person is a lucid dreamer and intentionally killing you for entering their private space without their permission or they unintentionally kill you over a nightmare, it is really not a good idea.

I may have said Mutual dreaming cannot happen, but there is no reason why you cannot attempt dream meshing with someone else. Dream meshing is where 2+ users are able to match between 50%-95% of their symbols from their (lucid) dreams, which can include passwords (passwords are when one user said something the other user would have never figured out, but by chance, they were able to through their lucid dream. For example, I talked about Lagoon to one of my friends who knew nothing about it in my lucid dream, and she learned about it through hers through my DC), dream places, chance dream spying/precognition, real time weather/accurate time, actions of each other, same characters, etc. Dream meshing does happen sometimes either intentionally or even unintentionally between other people. I've had it happen in both ways, like I did it intentionally with my lucid dream friends, but also have unintentionally done it with a couple people, including my nephew whom I accidentally flew into his DC while he was having a DMT dream.
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Re: Is Share dreaming possible?

Postby Nomadic-Freedom » 01 May 2018 23:44

Yes it sure is possible. You really can share your dream with another person, live as it happens, for both of you!

There is a book containing over 200 documented examples:
"Mutual Dreaming" by Linda Lane Magallon.

My own first mutual dream was when I was 11, and was with my 9-year-old brother who'd spent the night sleeping in another room across the hall. As I told him about my dream, he kept saying "I dreamed that too". Naturally, I didn't believe it, but after he said that several different times, I asked him things from the dream I had not mentioned, and he got them all right!!! Obviously, he actually had "dreamed that too!"

Since then, I've had several mutual dreams with different people. One was with a girlfriend. Come morning, we spent perhaps 15 minutes comparing notes, each naming things the other couldn't possibly have known (unless actually there in the dream). One example is when I asked her who the tall, thin girl -- with long dark hair down her back -- was who got out of the car with her. She looked at me in astonishment and exclaimed, "That was my best friend from Oklahoma whom you've never even met!"

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Re: Is Share dreaming possible?

Postby abinigia » 01 Oct 2018 23:39

Wouldn't it be great? But sharing dreams requires a mental connection between people that has never been shown to exist. It would be a form of ESP. We live in the physical world, where all its magic is locked seperately in each individual brain. That's why we communicate by talking and facial expressions, etc.

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