support group for flyers

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support group for flyers

Postby starsofclay » 03 May 2018 21:36

So, I wanted to share this dream I had last night, it was pretty funny:

As it started, I was talking to my chiropractor, Dr Wagner, in what I assume was the building where she practices (although it was much larger and looked nothing like it :lol: ). We were talking about flying and how not everyone knows how to do it. Next thing I know, we go to a sort of small auditorium and lots of people were sitting facing the stage. I took front row, and Dr Wagner got on stage and began speaking for what was basically a support group for people that know how to fly.

She said a few words, and then introduced me, and wanted me to get up and speak. I was ok... (and of course I'm a shy person and would never speak in front of people like that). So I got up on stage and began telling my story about how I learned to fly. How when I was first starting, I would take a few jumps to get me going, and blah blah blah. Suddenly one of my cousins walk by me on stage, and I say how I had tried to teach her how to fly before, but she never got it. This is actually true, because I had a dream years ago about trying to teach my cousins how to fly. I talk and talk and next thing I know, Dr. Wagner cuts me off and dismisses the gathering. Afterwards, she seems pretty upset with me because I talked for too long and it was only supposed to be a short thing.

Later last night I had a continuation of sorts where I was in school and started flying around, and apparently there was this whole prejudice thing about people who could fly because the non-flyers where scared of us. They thought it was evil or something. I suppose that's why there was the support group. Its funny I wouldn't have ever known why there was the support group if I hadn't had the continuation dream.

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