Dream eating robot/Online shared dream journal

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Dream eating robot/Online shared dream journal

Postby ApertureAndroid » 04 May 2018 05:11


Hey there, dreamers! On April 8th, the lucid dreaming Telegram group that my tulpa, Ryn, and I own turned one year old. To celebrate, we worked together and upgraded the chatbot that lives in it. Before, it was only capable of serving various lucid dreaming definitions and techniques as well as sending random reality checks at times (sometimes even making its own reality checks), but now it can do much more! We finally feel like it is running pretty well so we decided to make an announcement about it on here.

Need some motivation for keeping your dream recall abilities up? The bot now is a virtual pet that the whole chat group takes care of by feeding dreams! If it's more full, it will post reality checks more often. It also sometimes has its own dreams in which it draws from the dreams its been fed in its lifetime to make new and unique dreams. If you feed it lots of long dreams, it will start liking you more and will react to your dreams with much more enthusiasm. It usually can tell the difference between nightmares and good dreams and it reacts accordingly (it finds nightmares more tastier and may also try and make you feel better if it likes you a lot).

When you feed it a dream, it will tag the dream with your own special ID which you can simply click to see all your previous dreams. This works with any user in the chat, in case you feel like checking out the things people dream about. Since Telegram has both a mobile and desktop client, this means your dreams are synced up to wherever you want them to be. The bot also can show you how many dreams you've fed it in its lifetime (Since the last time it died and was reborn. [It can die from starvation.]) as well as how many words total you've fed.

If you want to interact with the bot but don't have a dream to post, don't worry! There are commands that let you pet, hug, and slap the bot. It reacts depending on how much it likes you. The bot also has functions for rolling dice and asking questions to its magic 8 ball.

For a more in depth explanation on how to take care of the bot, you can read its care guide here:

Lucid and normal dreaming aren't the only things our chat covers. We also like to talk about sleep, cognitive science, mental health, psychology, consciousness, philosophy, other brain-related phenomena, as well as whatever off-topic conversations come up.

You probably already have a dream in mind that you'd like to feed the bot, don't you? Come join us!
:arrow: https://t.me/DreamingLucid

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